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    Craziness dominates Republican primaries

    The crazies are taking over. Politics are no longer something that can be even related to civil discourse. Now it’s all yelling, pepper spray and radicals.

    “I think both political parties are guilty of using really inappropriate speak to describe their opponents,” said Jordan Mitchell a political science senior who describes himself as a progressive Democrat. “I just don’t think that promotes a healthy political climate.”

    Voters age 18 to 24 have the lowest turnout every year, and who can blame us? We just got out of high school or college and listening to people bicker and name call is just as annoying now as it was then. Arizona is a swing state in the next election, and it’s not that surprising. Even with its long history as a red state, who would Arizonans vote for? Each Republican candidate is worse than the last.

    “It seems like they (Republicans) aren’t interested in the greater good of their entire party as one and the American people. They seem to just be appealing to their die-hard audiences,” said psychology senior Ryan Everett who considers himself a moderate. “I think the Republican Party is having a really rough time finding someone who actually has the brains and the leadership qualities needed to successfully run a country.”

    The video editors at Comedy Central must be having a field day with all the bloopers, mistakes and outrageous comments from the Republican debates. Michele Bachmann claimed the HPV vaccine can cause mental retardation. Herman Cain said he’s never tried to work to minimize sexual harassment, Rick Perry can’t even remember what he’s campaigning for, and Mitt Romney — the Republicans’ best chance right now — keeps flip flopping on what he supports.

    How hard can it be to find a normal Republican? Where do they find these crazy people? Are there tryouts? The job posting must say: must be able to stun news organizations, have a complete disregard for facts and the louder and more obnoxious you are, the better.
    The position description should say: must be well spoken, understand the issues, and think before speaking.

    All President Barack Obama has to do is not say anything and he looks the best. That’s not a healthy political environment. But regardless, you know people will vote for them just because the little letter by their name says R or D.

    “It is very unlikely that someone agrees with all the policies of the Democratic or Republican Party but people vote for them anyway because it requires the least amount of knowledge of the political candidates positions on issues,” said Lauren Kempfert, a sociology senior.

    Political parties are necessary for elections, but voting for a certain person only because of their party is not a good reason. I’m a swing vote. I won’t know whom I’m going to vote for until all the cards are on the table. I’m not registered to a single party because I don’t agree with the idea that you should be limited to one pool of candidates.

    The job should go to the best candidate, regardless of if he or she is from your party. If out of nowhere the Libertarians show up with John Doe and you agree with everything he says, why not vote for him? Shake it up. Often the guy talking loudest and longest has no idea what he’s saying. So why not listen to a voice of reason if it can be found?

    — Michelle A. Monroe is a journalism senior. She can be reached at

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