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    “On the Spot: Alli Rubach, pre-business freshman”

    I just took a test and some pretty irritating things were going on. What’s the most annoying thing that’s happened to you when you are trying to take a test?


    Oh, when someone is tapping to their pencil next to me constantly and they don’t stop. I cannot focus. Oh, and also when the teacher walks around constantly and keeps looking at you because they want to see if you are cheating, I mean I understand, but stop staring at me.

    If a guy that you were really into and you were so excited to go on a date with took you to a zoo or an aquarium, how would you react?

    I actually think it would be kind of fun because it’s original, not just going to dinner and a movie, but if you aren’t really into that stuff, then just make the best out of it because it’s not really about where you go, it’s who you’re with.

    What is the coolest date you have ever been on?

    I was in Aspen, Colorado, and we went day hiking, and we went to the top of the mountain and hiked down and had a picnic in the middle of nowhere. It was really cool.


    You got spoiled. Whatever happened to that guy?

    We’re good friends.

    Oh, bummer. If you had a million dollars to spend on just yourself what would you buy?

    I am obsessed with accessories and clothes so probably just a ton of accessories and clothes and maybe something extravagant, like a yacht or something fun like a really cool apartment in Chicago, or something.

    And if you could give those million dollars to a charity or some sort of organization who would you donate to?

    Well I’m in Theta and we support Casa, so I would give some money to that, but also I really like Make-A-Wish a lot, and Tri-Delt does St. Jude’s so I would give money to them and also for people that need help in New Orleans because they are still recovering. Even though it is like years later, they still need help.


    So your most primary worldly concern is children in need?

    Yeah, and also people that need help and have nowhere to turn to. I am fortunate enough, and most people at Arizona are fortunate enough to where they can get help if they need it, especially with financial aid and stuff; but some people just don’t have options, which is where we need to step in and help them.


    — Caroline Nachazel

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