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Column: Twitter politics weekend recap


Bill Day, Cagle Cartoons 

As the United States grows closer and closer in substance and style to the Soviet Union, there’s a growing optimism in the air that newly appointed state propagandist Sean Spicer can’t seem to overcome.

Despite the ominous tones of Donald Trump’s post-freedom inauguration speech, most of America really does seem to believe that there’s a good chance we will survive the next four years. This is of course in sharp contrast to the clear terror of some political commentators. Most have been more than overdramatic and the broad consensus seems to be that George Orwell was right,

while few have managed to keep a good tone. If the Donald’s goal was to throw people off guard, mission accomplished. 

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Speaking of the Donald, he’s had a relatively good weekend, even though his inauguration seems to have had its “ratings” overwhelmed by an enormous outpouring of support for the Women’s March on Washington. While all the fanfare and celebration of being inaugurated president should have satisfied even the nastiest of narcissists, the Don couldn’t help but take a dig at the massive success of the Women’s March. 

He’s never really been one to play the game with all the nuances and respect for the American people required of the executive office, but fortunately, he saw the overwhelming consensus against him and quickly recovered by reemphasizing the gravity of the First Amendment. 

Press conferences and announcements have dominated memes this week. In particular, the humorists of political Twitter have taken Sean Spicer’s first White House Press briefing quite well. It’s hard not to pass judgement on Spicer considering that his briefing was entirely focused on lying about the size of Donald Trump’s inauguration crowds. Fortunately, this hard to watch alt-reality has given birth to a great new political meme. 

The less humorous members of political twitter handled the Spicer briefing with less irony and after Kellyanne Conway’s porous explanation, #Alternativefacts is trending. 

Back to optimism. 

The Women’s March couldn’t have gone better. A march so large it will undoubtedly be remembered for decades as a turning point in our recent political atmosphere. Marches of this scale have the potential to change history. This one certainly changed Twitter history. Unlike for previous movements, few people —besides you, Tomi Lahren— felt like trying to attack the march. It probably had something to do with how incredibly serious it is that an entire gender just protested the new president on his first day in office. 

I digress. 

Besides tweets lauding the impressive scale of the Women’s march, there were also plenty of awesome signs that made their way through the Twitterverse. 

It’s probably too early to say whether it all means we’re screwed or not, but I think the Women’s March really has shown that Americans still believe in America. Protesting is a hallmark of democratic values and the Women’s March is spreading legitimacy for responsible dissent. 

If you’re a nasty woman, now is the time to fight.

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