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    Random Review

    “”Final Fantasy XII”” just hit stores Oct.31 and I’m regretfully only 20 hours into a game that I fear may take the rest of my life to complete. It is possibly one of the best in a very long-running series of role-playing games by Square Enix. The title features an amazing new battle system and a main character so queer he makes Tidus seem like a man.
    A new Final Fantasy title will be good news to cosplayers, or people who dress up like video game characters – as they’ll finally have more material to squander their fast food service savings on. Warning: Pastiness of some individuals’ skin may be harmful to eyes.
    Look for cosplayers on the Internet:


    Some women may actually be allergic to sex, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in Philadelphia. In rare cases, doctors report that a partner’s semen may cause allergic reaction among women in their 20s. Adverse reactions include genital itching, burning, swelling, hives, trouble breathing and lack of a phone call the next day. Don’t go trading out your “”I have a headache”” excuse just yet, though. Experts say the cure involves “”frequent sex.””


    “”He’s tried everything and failed at it. If I was in his situation, I’d just keep knocking her up and then go to the club.”” – Eminem’s advice to rapper K-Fed after the recent release of his album Playing With Fire. A few days later, Kevin Federline added a failed marriage to the list, too.

    Gripe of the Week

    Congratulations to the Methamphetamine Precursor Control Act for making me feel like a criminal for buying a simple over-the-counter allergy decongestant. What used to just be a stop in the store and a quick run through the express aisle has now turned into a pseudo-federal investigation. There’s something extremely uncomfortable about having all your personal information jotted down, signing a form and having to request allergy medicine from a pharmacist who is probably making a mental note of whether or not you look like a drug addict. Where does that information even go, anyway? Who has access to it? Nobody knows, but it’s likely some federal watchdog is counting the amount of times you have a sniffly nose. I don’t have to sign a form to get drunk – well, except maybe the receipt of my tab – yet I practically submit to a background check for Claritin-D. Thanks a lot, crystal meth; thanks a lot, overbearing America.


    Ever wonder what would actually happen if a 6-year-old boy believed his stuffed tiger was real? The people from “”Robot Chicken,”” a show appearing on Cartoon Network, have created a cartoon parody of the late “”Calvin and Hobbes”” comic strip by Bill Watterson, which at its height ran in more than 2,000 newspapers nationwide.
    Search for it on YouTube: Robot Chicken Calvin and Hobbes

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