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    Athlete of the Week: Chris Henry

    Chris Henry
    Chris Henry

    Editor’s Note: Junior running back Chris Henry gained 191 yards on 29 carries and scored three touchdowns (one receiving) in Arizona’s 37-10 win over Oregon Saturday at Autzen Stadium. Henry’s career-best game earned him Pacific 10 Conference Offensive Player of the Week honors for the first time in his career. The Arizona Daily Wildcat caught up with Henry after yesterday’s practice to talk about his recent success, his Thanksgiving plans and his favorite philosopher.

    Wildcat: How does your recent success feel personally?

    Henry: It’s cool, it’s all good. I’ve always been the type of person who just likes to play well for his teammates. If I do well in the process, it’s all good. I can’t do anything without them, so it’s definitely nowhere near a solo effort.

    W: Take me through your 21-yard screen pass for a touchdown in the second quarter.

    H: I caught it, and I was hoping that (quarterback) Willie (Tuitama) wouldn’t throw it too hard, because he throws the ball so hard. I caught it, and I was supposed to go out to the right, but I caught (it) and I was like ughh, I see open field, and that’s all I do is just run to the open field. I saw one guy, and I was like, ‘Hopefully I can make him miss.’ I made him miss, and I just took off. Nobody was going to catch me, and at the end I finished it with a dive.

    W: Right at the end you slowed down a little before you dove into the end zone…

    H: (Receiver Anthony Johnson) and (receiver) Mike Thomas set up a block on the guy – I think it was No. 6 (cornerback Walter Thurmond III) – and I just brought it down and just dove into the end zone.

    W: If there’s something that people don’t know about you, what would it be?

    H: I’m a video-game nerd. I play a lot of video games, any video game. I love video games.

    W: Any favorites?

    H: I love Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 64. The original one, not the one for Game Cube. I like Nintendo games. I don’t really like (Xbox) 360 that much.

    W: You were a three-year honor roll student in high school. Ever been called a bookworm or a nerd?

    H: Naw. In high school it was just kind of easy. It’s totally different in college, but I’ve always had a good grasp of things that had to do with education.

    W: You played baseball in high school. What kind of prospect were you?

    H: I could have been a way better prospect if I would have just focused on baseball. Baseball was during track season, so I didn’t get to do a lot of it, but when I did do it, I was good at it.

    W: Ever considered trying out for the baseball team?

    H: No, I think those dudes are too good for me. I might be good stealing bases, and that’s about it.

    W: Is Thanksgiving overrated?

    H: Not at all. It’s good to give thanks period for everything that you’re blessed with. No matter what your faith is, religion, whatever. Being thankful for stuff is always key to being a good person and feeling good about yourself and making other people feel good.

    Oh Henry!

    A quick look at the running back’s
    recent success

    Nov. 4 at Washington State
    35 carries, 94 yards, 2 TDs

    Nov. 11 vs. California
    25 carries, 57 yards, 2 TDs

    Nov. 18 at Oregon
    29 carries, 191 yards, 2 TDs
    1 catch, 21 yards, TD

    W: (UA head coach) Mike Stoops talks about the importance of a game plan. What’s your game plan for Thanksgiving?

    H: Go to practice in the morning, watch some film and go to my coach’s house and eat. That’s about it.

    W: You’re a philosophy major. Who’s the most philosophical player on the team?

    H: Probably me, but next to me, I’d say (safety) Dominic Patrick. He’s also a philosophy major.

    W: Who’s your favorite philosopher?

    H: Aristotle.

    W: Willie Tuitama and you are both from Stockton, Calif. What’s in the water up there?

    H: I don’t know, obviously something good. We have a lot of great athletes in the Valley, in Stockton, in the Bay Area. It’s just that a lot of them don’t get the grades that they need to get up out of there. A lot of them are in (junior college) that are doing really well. A lot of them are going to continue to do real well.

    W: Let’s play a little word association. Sun Devils.

    H: Rivalry.

    W: Bowl game.

    H: Wildcats.

    W: Louis Holmes’ Hummer.

    H: (Laughs) Tight.

    W: Nickname.

    H: C-Hen.

    – Interview by Roman Veytsman

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