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    Fast Facts

    The largest stained glass window in the world is at Kennedy International Airport in New York City. It can be seen on the American Airlines terminal building and measures 300 feet long by 23 feet high.

    In 1830 the Taj Mahal was sold to a British merchant who planned to dismantle it stone by stone and ship the marble back to England, where it would be used to
    embellish English estates. Though wrecking machinery was brought into the gardens of the Taj, the plan was discouraged: The project turned out to be too expensive.

    In 1711, when work on St. Paul’s Cathedral in London was completed and shown to George I, the king is reported to have exclaimed to its architect, Christopher Wren, that the work was “”awful”” and “”artificial.”” In the 18th century, “”awful”” meant awe-inspiring, and “”artificial”” meant full of great art.

    Until the 1920s, babies in Finland were delivered in saunas. The heat was thought to help combat infection, and the warm atmosphere was considered pleasing to the infant.

    The penculine titmouse of Africa
    builds its nests in such a sturdy manner that Masai tribesmen use them for purses and carrying cases.

    It takes the human eye an hour to adapt completely to seeing in the dark. Once adapted, however, the eyes are about 100,000 times more sensitive to light than they are in bright sunlight.

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