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Column: Sabor’s updates reflect increased prices, atmosphere

Sabor’s food quality has increased significantly this year in terms of presentation and taste. Unfortunately, this also increases the price of its food. Even though it seems too expensive to consider having lunch there frequently, the price shouldn’t stop you.

Last year, the prices at Sabor were in-line with the competition of other Student Union Memorial Center food options, and the food quality was about average; you got what you paid for, and this was expected of a student union food stop.

Today, the prices are a few dollars more expensive but the food presentation is exponentially more appetizing than it was last year. The explanation is simple: more sophisticated presentation equals a higher price.

Sara Rohde, assistant director at Arizona Student Unions, explained the reason for this sudden modification, writing, “[Sr. Executive Chef Michael Omo] could tell you about all the authentic Sonoran recipes he’s incorporated in the new menu worked on this summer. We’re putting finest quality, fresh ingredients into our recipes – like two authentic Mexican cheeses in our quesadillas, or the flavorful enchilada sauces we make from scratch with fresh red chiles we dry here, reconstitute and simmer into purees as a base … or the beans we cook from scratch – instead of using dried beans.”

Of course, we can only assume this is the reason for the price surge.

In reality, this should’ve been expected; food menus are often updated in the union, so it’s interesting that we’re all surprised the prices have gone up. However, there’s always the immediate thought that because Sabor is more expensive now, we shouldn’t eat there because we can get cheaper food elsewhere.

People could go to Chipotle on University Boulevard and order a meal for the same price they would pay at Sabor, but that doesn’t mean they should. Sabor offers a lot in terms of flavor profile and it’s definitely not as chaotic as Chipotle during lunch hours.

It’s not like the other student union food options are that much cheaper. Generally, buying food in the union is expensive, so if you’re willing to spend $8 on a meal for average quality food, why not go all out and spend a little more to get some better quality food?

Expensive is expensive and the only thing that should matter is if you like the meal enough to pay the higher price.

This kind of food sophistication in a sit-down atmosphere that Sabor offers is unique among the union’s other options, excluding the Arizona Room. Compared to the other quick and cheap options, Sabor offers a less noisy environment.

This isn’t to say Sabor’s food isn’t worthy of its price; the upgraded quality of food is significantly better than it was last year, but the price denies some consumers from eating there on a regular basis.

Additives like table-side guacamole and new chip containers give Sabor a fancier edge than some of the other student union eateries.

Even though we might only be able to dine there on occasion for meal plan reasons or otherwise, the important thing is that Sabor’s food is better than it used to be. The mantra still goes that you get what you pay for, but in this case, it’s a good thing. If you’re going to spend a little more money on food with the convenience of the union, Sabor is a great option.

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