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    Vagina Warriors tout special performance

    Garrett MacDonald, a freshman majoring in English, takes part in a rehearsal for a special Vagina Warriors performance titled A Moment, a Monologue, a Rant and a Prayer, set to open today at UMC.
    Garrett MacDonald, a freshman majoring in English, takes part in a rehearsal for a special Vagina Warriors performance titled ‘A Moment, a Monologue, a Rant and a Prayer,’ set to open today at UMC.

    The Vagina Warriors are putting on a special performance the next two days – one that includes penises.

    Tickets are on sale for “”A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant and a Prayer,”” a show being put on in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of V-Day, an international campaign to address women’s issues.

    Tickets are on sale for $6 each on the UA Mall or at the performances Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. in Duvall Auditorium at University Medical Center.

    The show is a compilation of performances by more than 20 playwrights that examines issues associated with global violence and observes what a world without violence would look like, said Christina Culligan, co-president of the Vagina Warriors.

    “”A Memory”” is different from the Vagina Warriors’ usual presentation, “”The Vagina Monologues”” – which showed on campus last month – in that it enlists the assistance of a male cast, in addition to its female members, she said.

    The presence of male actors in the show is meant to bring a male perspective to a subject that affects all people, regardless of gender, Culligan said.

    “”We’re letting people know it’s OK to talk about these things,”” she said. “”That’s what V-Day is all about.””

    The Vagina Warriors also hope the addition of male actors attracts more attention from men thinking about attending the show, said Jason Ernst, an actor in “”A Memory”” and a sophomore majoring in economics, German studies and philosophy.

    “”This isn’t just a cause women need to fight for,”” he said. “”The sooner we can all come together, the sooner we can end violence in the world.””

    The show is a fitting tribute to the success of those involved in V-Day for the past decade, Culligan said.

    V-Day involves the coordination of several global organizations to address issues including the opening of safe houses and providing relief effort worldwide, while “”taking back””, she said.

    Because men have historically inflicted sexual violence, having men involved in V-Day shows males’ willingness to cooperate in the solution of problems long thought to be female-oriented, Ernst said.

    Plenty of men have grown up in abusive homes or have been abused themselves, possibly affecting them mentally and emotionally later in life, he said.

    While certain people may have been reticent to support the Vagina Warriors in the past because of the appearance of a female monopoly, “”A Memory”” is receiving support from a wider audience range, said Jennifer Stephens, an actress in the performance and a junior majoring in creative writing and English.

    “”Hopefully, we can make people less afraid to come to the show,”” she said. “”We’ve had a really good reception from people so far.””

    “”A Memory”” is not the only event for the Vagina Warriors in the near future. They will also be teaming up in New Orleans with other like-minded global organizations on April 11 and 12 in the Superlove event to exchange fundraising and outreach ideas, as well as attend a special showing of “”The Vagina Monologues”” featuring celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Jessica Alba and Oprah Winfrey, Culligan said.

    The Vagina Warriors will also attend a special speaking session by Eve Ensler, the creator of “”The Vagina Monologues”” and “”A Memory.”” Ensler specially requested the UA Vagina Warriors’ presence at the event, since the UA has been a leader in the efforts to end violence against women, said Aubrey Watkins, director of “”A Memory””.

    “”We have put a lot of work into (‘A Memory’),”” Stephens said. “”I’m really excited about it, and it should be a great show.””

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