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    Police Beat

    Police seize 13 bottles of liquor from minors
    Two men were diverted to the Dean of Students Office for minor in possession of alcohol charges after police found them with 13 bottles of alcohol on Oct. 20 at 7:05 p.m.

    Police responded to a call after an employee with the University of Arizona Police Department saw two men placing liquor bottles into backpacks inside of a car in the Sixth Street Parking Garage. Police made contact with the person who called them, and he identified the men to the officers. The officers made contact with the two subjects.

    Police asked one man how old he was; he said 22. Officers told the man that an employee had seen him and his friend place bottles of alcohol into the backpacks and asked if he had done this. He admitted that he had.

    The officer informed the man that if he was 22, it was not a crime for him to have the alcohol. The officer asked the man if he could retrieve the bottle from his bag. The man consented. The officer then pulled out two 1.75 liter bottles of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, a 1.75 liter bottle of Skyy Vodka and a 750 milliliter bottle of Captain Morgan’s Private Stock.

    The officer then asked the man if his friend was of legal drinking age. He said no. The man told the officer that his friend was only helping him take the alcohol from his vehicle to his room. The man of legal drinking age told the officer he bought the liquor because it was a good price at Safeway, and he planned on drinking it by himself from now until the end of the second semester.

    The officer asked the man if he could see a receipt for the alcohol. It showed what the man bought, including Capitan Morgan’s Spiced Rum, Skyy Vodka, Captain Morgan’s Private Stock, Concord wine and Malibu Rum from the Safeway on East Broadway Boulevard and North Kino Parkway. The receipt showed the same date and a purchase total of $306.30, which was paid with a credit card.

    The officer told the man that this seemed like a lot of alcohol for one person, according to reports. The officer asked him for his first name again, but this time his answer was different than the one on the license. The officer then asked him if he was a senior because he was 22 years old.

    The man said, “”No, I’m a freshman,”” according to reports. The officer then realized that the man was not telling the truth and asked him for his real driver’s license. The man admitted that he had his brother’s driver’s license. He said that his brother did not know he was in possession of the license and was using it to buy alcohol. The man told the officer it was the first time he has done something like this. He told officers that his brother had lost his license and ordered a new one from the Motor Vehicle Department.

    He said the license had been sent to his Phoenix address and not his current Tucson address, so he retrieved the license to give to his brother but did not immediately give it to him.

    The man told the officer that the rest of the liquor was in the back of the car he had driven, which belonged to his roommate. The man said his roommate had given him permission to use the car but did not know he was purchasing alcohol.

    The men escorted police to the car’s trunk. Before opening the trunk, one man said, “”Prepare yourself.”” Upon opening the trunk, police saw 10 additional bottles of 1.75 liter Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.

    The men were referred to the Dean of Students Office. The liquor was confiscated and taken to the police department for proper destruction.

    Stolen jerseys lead to arrest of heroin user
    Police took two people to the Pima County Jail on Oct. 22 at 4 p.m.

    Police responded to a call from an employee at the UofA Bookstore, 1203 E. University Blvd., saying they had two shoplifters in custody. When they arrived, police made contact with an employee in the loss prevention department.

    The employee said he had a man and a woman in custody for shoplifting. The employee said the woman came into the store, rolled up a white UA athletic jersey, put it into her purse and walked out of the store toward the UA Mall. The loss prevention employee tried to find the woman, but could not.

    Shortly afterward, she returned to the store. The employee followed her out of the store and saw her give her purse to a man sitting in a chair outside of the U-Mart Convenience Store. The employee escorted both of them to separate conference rooms in the bookstore. Another loss prevention employee recognized the man as someone who had been banned from the bookstore last month for shoplifting.

    The man pulled out two jerseys, one white and one blue, and handed them to the loss prevention employee. He also told the employee that he had syringes in his backpack that he used to shoot up heroin.

    An officer made contact with the man. The man told police that he was a heroin user and that the last time he used was the day before. He also said that he knew he was not supposed to be on campus due to a prior arrest and exclusionary act.

    A records check showed that the man had two warrants out for his arrest – one from UAPD and one from Tucson Police Department, both for failure to appear in court.

    The man told officers that he was cutting through campus to get to a friend’s house when he saw the woman coming out of the bookstore. He said he knew her from high school, and they had done drugs together before. They sat down on a bench, and the woman handed him two jerseys. She told him that she bought them with her CatCard, but needed to go back because she got the wrong size. She told him to hold the jerseys for her. The man said he told the woman to hurry up, because he was not supposed to be on campus. When she exited the store, the man saw a security guard following her and said that is when he knew she had stolen the jerseys.

    The man said that he had attempted to steal jerseys in the past, because his dealer liked them and would give him 1 gram (approximately $50 worth) of heroin for two jerseys. He said he figured she was probably doing the same thing.

    The man’s warrants were confirmed. He was arrested on charges of possession of narcotic paraphernalia, criminal trespass, theft-control of stolen property, a confirmed UAPD warrant for failure to appear in court and a confirmed TPD warrant for failure to appear in court.

    The woman was also taken in custody for various charges.

    Both were booked at the Pima County Jail.

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