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What do you want in an ASUA president? You told us, Hannah White answered


“I expect the ASUA President to represent the interests of everyone, both students and faculty on campus. I believe it’s important for students to have their voice heard, in any issue. The biggest [problem] I noticed are some of the free speech protesters. While I am in support of the First Amendment, I think there needs to be a line drawn.” – Grayson Largman, a finance junior.

Hannah White: While I agree with the importance of freedom of speech, I have noticed that the free speech protesters tend to bring discomfort and negativity to our campus. I think we are looking at a bigger issue that needs to be brought up with President Hart and administration to better control this campus environment. Students should feel comfortable and safe walking on their own campus without feeling harassed or being screamed at.

“I think, from a UA student, someone who is going to represent us well. Obviously, someone who is going to be outstanding academic wise and doing community service, helping the students and hearing our voices as well.” – Aarynn Majeta, a finance junior

HW: I am a double major in speech, language and hearing sciences and linguistics. Keeping up with my academics is always a top priority, as I will be applying for graduate school this fall to pursue my master’s degree in higher education. I have found a healthy balance between my academics and my active involvement on campus, while giving back to the community as well. My academics, involvement and service will continue to provide me with opportunities to help students and address their needs and concerns.

“I expect the ASUA President to be in communication with the students at all times, just bridging that gap between the school at-large and the students.” – Sheriff Akanni, a psychology junior.

HW: One aspect I would love to implement if I am elected is, in addition to my normal, open office hours in the office, also having office hours on the UA Mall at least once a month. I believe this would make it more friendly and convenient for students to stop by and express their concerns, opinions and needs.

“I expect them to keep the student interest in mind when they go forward making decisions. I expect them to try and keep diversifying and talk to everyone on campus and not just focus on their goals. I feel like a lot of people get caught up in what they think is best and don’t talk to the student body. I think UAlert is really weird. We get notifications for random things like a gas leak and we won’t get them for bigger things like gun shots. I think that’s something that should be definitely looked into.” – Nick Jackson, a pre-finance freshman

HW: In addition to my office hour idea, being actively involved on campus in my various roles will assist me in keeping up with students. I will continuously express my open door policy for students to come and speak with me, while also ensuring I am making rounds to as many clubs and organizations in order to keep up with them and talking to students one-on-one. I want to be able to represent the student body in the way we all envision. As far as UAlert goes, I will see that there is more consistency in what is released in updates to ensure more pertinent information goes out to students, parents and staff.

“It’s weird because I don’t even think of them as being part of the campus. But I’m sure that it’s a safe and productive environment as it could be with the given resources. I go to poetry readings and they get out at 8 p.m. and I don’t know if there would be a way to organize it, but there is no one in the center of campus and it just feels extremely unsafe as I try to make my way from one end to the other.” – Sasha Hawkins, a creative writing sophomore.

HW: I would like to bring more awareness about the resources available to students. Not only do we have SafeRide, UAPD that will come pick us up and the emergency blue lights, but a free app was recently been released that I was told about by UAPD. It’s called Live Safe. Students are able to add family and friends of their choosing. They can map their route from their current location to their destination and invite a family member or friend to track their route as the student is walking. If you deviate from your route or anything starts looking suspicious, they are able to call the police.

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