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POLICE BEAT: 10/04/17


Officer Moreno of the Tucson Police Department looks on over the Tucsonans Against Racism Protest and Rally on Congress Street in downtown Tucson on Aug. 22. 


A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to Arbol de la Vida Residence Hall around 3 p.m. on Sept. 9 in reference to a man and woman roughhousing four nights prior.

According to the resident assistant, the two students involved were roughhousing and having fun when the man accidentally hit the woman in the chest. The man informed police that on the night of the incident, he was walking from his room to the showers wearing nothing but a towel. 

The woman began chasing him, trying to grab his towel. He ran into the bathroom and the woman followed him in. When she attempted to grab his towel once more, the man stuck his arm out and unintentionally struck the woman in her sternum. The man told police none of the parties involved were in a relationship and he did not want to press charges since he and the woman were close enough friends where this would not be unusual.

The woman corroborated the man’s story and also stated she did not want to press charges. Both parties were advised this behavior was not acceptable and the resident assistant would watch for any further issues.

Finsta Feud

A UAPD officer was called to Coronado Residence Hall Sunday, Sept. 24, to investigate a potential incident of threats The officer met with the student who called in the incidents.

According to the police report, the reporting student was looking for a friend when she got into an exchange with a second student. The second student said she found the reporting student obnoxious. The reporting student called the second student a “bitch,” and then left.

Twenty minutes later, the second student was knocking on a door down the hall. The reporting student heard this and, thinking it was the friend she was looking for earlier, jumped into the hallway and yelled, “What’s up bitch?” as a greeting. When she realized it was the second student, she quickly returned to her room.

The reporting student refused to apologize and instead took to a private, “finsta” Instagram account She described the altercation there, claiming that the second student tried to punch her. She later clarified in a subsequent post that she did not see the second student try to punch her during the argument.

Later that day, the reporting student told police she received text messages from a friend of the second student expressing his dismay at the reporting student’s posts. No direct threats were made in the messages. The reporting student told officers she never felt physically threatened by the others. The officer informed her that he would not be making any arrests.

The officer told all three students to be more respectful in the ways they interact with each other, as their behavior could have easily escalated to a criminal nature.

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