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OPINION: Live in the moment


After a year and a half of waiting, graduates of the class of 2020 gathered for an in-person commencement ceremony on the University of Arizona Mall on Nov. 5. The ceremony was held during Homecoming Weekend this year after the original ceremony in May 2020 was canceled as the pandemic raged. 

We get worried about what comes next in life, but forget to take the time to appreciate where we are right now; now used to be what came next. 

Realizing that graduation is just around the corner brings a lot of mixed emotions: stress, sadness, accomplishment, and it’s all bittersweet. As the number of days I have left as a college student grow smaller, I have realized how important it is to live in the moment and be fully present. 

Taking the time to enjoy where you are at and every small detail of your day is what is important. We spend too much time stressing about and planning for our future that we don’t appreciate where we are currently in life.

An article by Psychology Today explains the importance of living in the moment by stating, “Living in the moment — also called mindfulness — is a state of active, open, intentional attention on the present. When you become mindful, you realize that you are not your thoughts; you become an observer of your thoughts from moment to moment without judging them.”  

College is a one-of-a-kind experience filled with many ups and downs throughout the years. Take the time to appreciate all of it, the good and the bad days. Yes, even the days when we completely failed an exam and are eating microwave macaroni and cheese for dinner (again). 

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Before you leave college and end your four years as a student, enjoy every experience you have, from the walks through campus rushing to your next class, the tailgates and football games and the all-nighters with your best friends. These little moments are a big part of our lives. Once the moments are over we can’t go back. 

Graduating college is scary. It’s hard not to worry about the future from time to time. However, taking time to be present in what is happening around us now is what’s important. When we come to visit campus again after graduation the feeling won’t be the same. We will be visitors looking back on our favorite memories, not students creating them. Enjoy being a college student now, because, as sad as it is to say, our time here is running out. 

I wish college could last forever, but sadly that’s not the case. Living in the moment, creating memories and building friendships that will last a lifetime is what matters. Our college years won’t last forever but we can take time to create memories that will. 

Everyone said these years will go by fast, but I didn’t expect them to fly by this fast. Before you know it you will be a senior with only a few months left before you walk across the stage and go from student to alumni. Your time on campus will be up and your college years will be just memories to look back on.

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Julianna is a senior majoring in journalism and sociology. She enjoys writing and reporting on topics related to mental and physical health and wellness.

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