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House Congressional Districts

House Congressional District 7

McClung not right for constituents of Southern Arizona

It takes more than a bachelor’s degree to be a rocket scientist, and it takes more than a young, inexperienced candidate to represent the people of Congressional District 7. It’s clear that the conservative Ruth McClung doesn’t truly represent the interests of the people of Southern Arizona, which has historically been one of the most liberal constituencies in Arizona.

Her conservative politics are at great odds with the values of the people of Southern Arizona. It can only be inferred that her strong poll numbers are a manifestation of a national anti-incumbent fervor.

With one of the premier research institutions in the United States relying on the representative from Congressional District 7 to represent its best interests, McClung should have policy plans set out for higher education, but her platform seems to lack any higher education policy. This kind of oversight shows that McClung doesn’t have the interests of her constituents at heart.

It takes experience and knowledge of your constituency’s interests to be a U.S. representative. The Arizona Daily Wildcat endorses incumbent Raúl Grijalva for U.S. Congressional District 7. Grijalva has proven to be a asset to the people of Southern Arizona through his honest and accurate voting record that clearly represents the interests of the people in his district. Grijalva’s voting record shows he has an interest in preserving funding to public secondary and higher education institutions, as well as maintaining military funding which is another vital demographic in Southern Arizona.



House Congressional District 8

Giffords’ record shows commitment to education

Congressional District 8’s incumbent Democrat Gabrielle Giffords has a voting record that shows consistent support for students and educators at all levels. She voted in favor of education bills such as the 2007 College Student Relief Act and an expansion of the original G.I. Bill that provides more money for veterans of the Armed Forces who want to get a college education.

Giffords is likely to continue her support for future educational measures upon reelection.

Challenger Jesse Kelly recently stated in Tucson Weekly that he would support reducing money for education at the federal level. This stance does not bode well for UA students, faculty and staff.

The UA not only receives federal grants to fund research projects, but it also received federal stimulus money to create or keep jobs at the university. Given the state legislature’s propensity to slash school budgets during a financial crisis, we need someone willing to speak on behalf of students, faculty and staff when the state won’t.

Based on Kelly’s statements and political platform, it is highly unlikely he would provide any support, financial or otherwise, to Arizona’s universities.

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