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Police Beat: 1/29/2020: Caught on campus

Courtesy UAPD

University of Arizona Police Department officers on the UA campus. 

Charged Up

We all know what it’s like to have your phone die with no way to charge it. We’ve all resorted to some desperate way of charging our phones, like one man who was found charging his phone on the side of a UA sorority house.

On Jan. 8, a UAPD officer was conducting security checks on First Street when he spotted a man sleeping on the side of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority house and charging his phone in an electrical outlet on the outside of the house. The officer woke the man, who was confused of his whereabouts, informing the officer that he was “on probation” and had a “mandatory class” inside the building, in reference to the sorority house.

Another officer arrived to assist, which is when the man had identified himself and they were able to run his name through the system. The records showed that the man had two outstanding warrants, a misdemeanor arrest warrant through the Tucson Police Department and a non-extraditable felony warrant for kidnapping.

The misdemeanor warrant was confirmed by TPD, and the man was arrested. Upon arresting the man, he was searched and drug paraphernalia was found on him. He was charged with possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia along with the outstanding warrant and also issued a warning for theft of services and loitering. He was booked at Pima County Jail.

Cartel Connections

Students often have their grievances with the administration; everyone has had one problem or another with some way that those in power handled a particular situation. While most students mope and moan about their anger toward these situations, one particular student took it to a whole new level.

On Jan. 9, the UAPD forwarded a chain of emails sent from a student to other students and staff of the university. The email was forwarded by a faculty member to the assistant Dean of Students Veda Kowalski, who then forwarded it to TPD. The emails stated her grievances with the university, which alleged that she had been “mistreated by the staff” and was requesting a withdrawal and full refund from the UA.

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The email that had caused particular concern to Kowalski was one directed toward a university faculty member that was threatening in nature, with the student stating she had contacts in the cartel and was going to send the cartel after this staff member. That email also contained multiple racial remarks against the staff member. 

The officer spoke to Kowalski about the situation. Kowalski said she was going to contact the student and the Office of the Registrar to review the student’s requests. The officer also attempted contact with the staff member the threatening email was directed to with no response and also the staff member that had forwarded the emails to Kowalski. 

Just Thirsty

In Arizona it’s very important we stay hydrated. It’s easy to become thirsty when you’re outside in the climate we live in. Getting a drink of water isn’t a big deal to most of us, but it may not be the best idea when you’re a criminal who isn’t supposed to be on university property. 

Officers conducted an area check of the bike racks by the Sixth Street garage on Jan. 9 when they noticed a man talking on his cell phone while straddling a bike. He got off his phone and was staring a little too long for the officers’ comfort at the bike racks, so they decided to ask if they could speak to him. He mumbled something and fled from them, to which the officers pursued him and conducted a traffic stop.

When they finally were able to stop the man and asked why he had fled, he said he thought they were “messing with him.” When they questioned him further he stated that he “was on campus to drink some water and did not want any trouble” while also denying suspiciously checking out the bikes. 

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The officers performed a wants and warrants check on his name and found he had misdemeanor warrants out from TPD and the Marana Police Department, as well as having an active exclusionary order from all UA properties. 

Along with this, they ran the serial number with dispatch to find that the bike he had been riding was a $3,000 bike that had been reported stolen. The man denied stealing the bike, saying he bought it from someone on OfferUp but was aware that it was an expensive bike. He was placed under arrest and searched, where they found drugs and drug paraphernalia in his bag. He was then transported to Pima County Jail.

Got Milk?

A lot of the reports made to University of Arzona Police Department involve fraud on university cards and accounts, but one particular charge made to a university card raised eyebrows. 

An Arizona Athletics Department staff member reported fraudulent charges on his university-issued card to UAPD. The card had last been used to purchase pizza for the Arizona men’s basketball team in San Francisco, but two charges had been attempted at United Dairy Farmers in the amounts of $1.00 and $56.78.

The staff member informed UAPD that he keeps his card in his wallet at all times and still had it. There were no suspects in the case, but the card was canceled and he was issued a new one. 

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