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    Summer sounds

    Summer has finally arrived! That beautiful, and ever-fleeting, oasis of the year given to doing absolutely nothing and freeing thousands to catch up on all those tunes that have slipped through our fingers and past our ear canals – that is, if you’re not already signed up for seasonal employment, an internship, summer school or a university sport, and your parents aren’t trying to send you off to live somewhere other than “”their”” house.
    So just in case you still won’t have time to explore the nooks and crannies of Musicland in the upcoming siesta, here’s a lowdown recognizing a handful of summer releases that might make the long, hot, not-so-fun-anymore days a little bit more bearable, and keep you singing to a happier tune:


    Artist: Tori Amos

    Upcoming Album: Abnormally Attracted To Sin

    Popular Song: “”Silent All These Years””

    My Pick: “”Cornflake Girl””

    What She Sounds Like: Sarah McLachlan meets Alanis Morissette in a piano shop.

    What To Do With It: Perfect for easing into the work day.

    Artist: Busta Rhymes

    Upcoming Album: Back On My B.S.

    Popular Song: “”I’m So Hood””

    My Pick: “”Lion’s Roar””

    What He Sounds Like: As if you’re sitting down for lunch and he’s excited to tell you about what he did last night; a little bit of Twista, little bit of Wu-tang.

    What To Do With It: Get ready to earn that red tag.

    Artist: Eminem

    Upcoming Album: Relapse

    Popular Song: “”The Real Slim Shady””

    My Pick: “”3 a.m.””

    What He Sounds Like: Never loses a beat; pounds it over your head till you’re bobbing with him.

    What To Do With It: Rush-hour traffic, inner-car rage.


    Artist: 311

    Upcoming Album: Uplifter

    Popular Song: “”Amber””

    My Pick: “”Champagne””

    What It Sounds Like: If Bob Marley was white and borrowed instrumental excerpts from System Of A Down.

    What To Do With It: A little splish-splash on a hot summer day, grilling some burgers – tasty.

    Artist: The Dave Matthews Band

    Upcoming Album: Big Whiskey and The Groogrux King

    Popular Song: “”Funny The Way It Is””

    My Pick: “”Satellite””

    What They Sound Like: If Hootie & The Blowfish had a lovechild with Phish.

    What To Do With It: Just cruisin’ round the town.

    Artist: Lil Wayne

    Upcoming Album: Rebirth

    Popular Song: “”Mrs. Officer””

    My Pick: “”Hot Revolver””

    What He Sounds Like: The yin and yang of balance between intro and vocals and utilization of the electronic voice.

    What To Do With It: Anything involving a summer night.

    Artist: Incubus

    Upcoming Album: Moments & Melodies (Greatest Hits)

    Popular Song: “”Drive””

    My Pick: “”I Miss You””

    What They Sound Like: More or less incomparable – they just are; but perhaps in the same ether as Red Hot Chili Peppers, on the other side.

    What To Do With It: All day, every day.


    Artist: Miss Derringer

    Upcoming Album: Winter Hill

    Popular Song: “”Black Tears””

    My Pick: “”Pennies On His Eyes””

    What She Sounds Like: As if Gwen Stefani got lost in the recording studio and did Amy Winehouse’s tracks instead of her own.

    What To Do With It: Background music while washing your car.




    Song: “”The

    My Pick:
    “”The Pillow””

    What They Sound Like: The Beatles in 2009 – still on drugs.

    What To Do With It: Musical armistice with your parents, or something to help you fall asleep.

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