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    UA student artist forms indie-rock music collective


    Start-up garage bands have a tendency to fade in and out of the background of the music world. It seems that they lack the “it” factor to make a real mark on the industry. Jacob Dadisman, lead singer and guitarist of Saving Kings, is determined to stand out from the crowd and produce some amazing music for the world to hear.

    Dadisman, a senior at the UA, juggles majoring in psychology, minoring in poetry and music and attempting to launch his band to the limelight. He describes Saving Kings as a music collective; he writes the music, then invites his friends to perform and record with him. Before playing Saving Kings’ new single, “Weather,” Dadisman shared his experience as a student musician.

    DW: When did you start making music?

    Dadisman: About my last year of high school. Just for school projects and stuff. I just got really into it. It got really serious a couple years ago … my freshman year of college. … I just had to write all the time.

    How did you start off?

    I just started off, just by myself. Originally I was in one of those metal-core bands in high school. My sophomore year of high school, I was in a little screamo outfit. We were only together for a couple of months, then that was it.

    When did you start the band that you’re in now?

    Summer of 2012 … I like got a logo and it was kind of set up, the social media accounts and everything. That’s when it officially started. It hadn’t picked up until probably last year, though. Last November we released our first EP, and that was huge! I mean it was huge for us. It was like turning 18, basically.

    What genre of music would you say your band does?

    Indie. We kind of play around with rock. On the album that we’re working on right now, there are some [rock-inspired sounds]­ — kind of punk-rock elements. A lot of orchestra stuff. So we’re just trying to make a big sound that tells a big whole story.

    As of right now, how many albums or EPs have you released?

    Let’s see. I would say total official releases … there are four. It would be our first album, called “Forever Yet,” and it was just recorded in my mom’s closet. It was a good time. The second release is called “Passenger,” which was released last November. … That’s when we started picking up how to make music. And there are also two mini-demo series that we have. One is “Wish There Was,” which is three demos that I wrote on my birthday. And a couple weeks ago we released another mini acoustic demo series called “Resetti,” and it’s just four demos of new songs. So, in total that’s all we have right now.

    Do you have any inspirations that you draw from?

    Yeah! Kanye West! Kanye freakin’ West is the man. It’s weird to say that I look up to him in a lot of ways. [Also] a lot of those weird … out-there bands. Anberlin, Relient K, a lot of folk bands like Noah Gundersen. Heath McNease, he’s like a folk singer and rapper. I try to make sure I listen to everything, even stuff I don’t like. I actually did a project over the summer, this past summer, where everyday I would listen to a band, and I would try to write my own song within their style. Just to break out of my own comfort zone.

    Last question: do you plan on continuing on with the band after you graduate?

     Oh, hell yeah. Yeah.

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