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    From “Cleaning out the closet: Bi (mis)representation rancid” (by Kat Hermanson, Feb. 5)

    It’s refreshing to see passionate advocacy for bisexuality. I’m a 41 year old bisexual man who’s been married for 18 years and I have only been out for 3 years or so. I think that society is finally starting to accept us and articles like this give us legitimacy, so please keep writing. A wave of advocates and activists is starting to rise from all areas, ages, classes and professions. … One comment, however. Your statement “neither accepting us for refusing to limit our scopes” implies that the monosexual community is somehow “limiting their scope” and therefore choosing not to be bi. In essence, you perform the same delegitimization of them that you accuse them of putting on you. I don’t feel that I refuse to limit my scope. I am honest about the scope of my sexuality. Everyone is different. Nobody is wrong. That’s what we ask for, so let’s try and dish it out.
    — David E

    From “Women’s rights: Men deserve to have their voices heard” (by Kasey Shores, Feb. 9)

    Sure a man should have his say but the vast majority of men in our legislatures have enacted laws that affect women’s bodies without input from women. Women should have been in the majority in those discussions and that is why there has been such an uproar. You don’t think women protest just for the sake of it do you? Those four Fox men should never have had a conversation about contraception unless it was about their own male contraception methods. In any event, men may say they want children but look who gets stuck with the children if they leave the marriage. According to the New York Times one in 10 American households include a mother who is either the sole or primary earner for her family. This share, the highest on record has quadrupled since 1960 according to a Pew Research Center analysis.
    — Jeca

    From “From Allen to Gibson: Separating artists’ actions from their works” (by Brittany Rudolph, Feb. 10)

    How closed minded of the teacher to refer to Gibson as a horrible person. He had bipolar disorder and as a nurse I have seen many people say things like Gibson’s controversial comments while in a manic state. This does not define who they are any more than someone with a diabetic condition should be defined by their highest blood sugars. It is an illness and the lack of compassion and stigma those with mental illness face in our society is disgusting.
    — Jegold04

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