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    A disastrous anniversary

    New Orleans might never be the same again, but that does not justify the government’s inaction in restoring the city. People continue to live in its rickety homes, trying to salvage whatever little they can of the city. Under such a situation, hopelessness on the part of society strengthens the government’s unstated resolve to pull the curtains on reconstruction efforts.

    There is something wrong with a nation that gets its priorities backward. Troops and limited resources are committed to what has now become a hopeless war in Iraq even as one of our cities struggles to recover.

    With the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the things to be remembered are promises that shall never be redeemed — the blemished pride of being the world’s superpower without the power to restore one of its own cities.

    -University of New Mexico’s Daily Lobo

    Justice blind to sexual orientation

    The most disturbing element to Sen. Craig’s case is the homophobia surrounding its coverage. Craig subtly suggested that being gay is synonymous with being perverted. It is as if people are supposed to hear his claim of a straight lifestyle and suddenly be at ease. There is no reason Craig’s sexuality should be considered as a proper defense for his actions.

    Many in this country have an archaic view of homosexual Americans, especially people from whom Craig is trying to regain support. It is silly to assume all gay individuals have no morals just because they choose an alternative lifestyle.

    The picture this country has of gay life is the exact weapon Craig used to redirect attention away from his charges.

    It’s time to take prejudice out of our legal systems, whether they reflect someone’s sexual orientation, race or religion. Assuming Craig is any less guilty of a sex crime because he said he isn’t gay would be like agreeing a person didn’t rob a bank because he isn’t black.

    No group should be associated with any type of behavior. If Craig was innocent, he could find a more appropriate way to prove it. We definitely don’t want to see the day when “”not gay”” translates to “”not guilty.””

    -Kent State University’s Daily Kent Stater

    Faulty analogies

    The Vietnam analogy is a loaded one that politicians have been using since the beginning of the war. In fact, supporters of the war have often vilified those who compare the two. But the administration has resisted employing the allusion to one of America’s least favorite military memories. Until it conveniently fits the administration’s political agenda, that is.

    Now that the calls for troop withdrawal are rising, invoking Vietnam is acceptable as an argumentative tactic?

    Taking a page from history should not be applied on a whim, and it certainly shouldn’t be a method to explain away difficult situations. The inability to tailor a military and political plan to a unique circumstance is part of what created the current quagmire. Iraq is not Vietnam, despite the occasional applicability of analogies to it.

    The special social and historical situation of Iraq, not fully taken into account before the start of the war, is now complicating attempts at a resolution. But one must be proposed soon, and it must be explained to the American people on its own merits, not on the fear inspired by its alternative.

    -Baylor University’s Lariat

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