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Police Beat: August 27

Becoming a burden

Two University of Arizona Police Department officers responded to a call regarding two drunk females on campus.

The UAPD officers caught up with the females outside of the Environmental and Natural Resources 2 building, where they proceeded to do a records check on the two females. Both females told the officers their names, which matched with the records check.

The officers could smell alcohol on both of the female’s breath, and one female also had bloodshot eyes and could not remain balanced while standing. One female explained to the officers that they were on their way home and said the other female drank too much and apologized for “being a burden.”

One officer asked the female if she and her friend needed medical attention, to which she said they did not. The officer also asked her how much she drank that night and she replied, “a lot.”

The one female continued to explain to the officer that they had been drinking beer at a friend’s house but stopped drinking because the other female was drinking a lot.

The officers gave the two females a ride back to their residence hall and they were both diverted to the Dean of Students Office for minor in possession of liquor.

An ashy issue

A UAPD officer responded to a call from a resident assistant at the Pueblo de la Cienega Residence Hall regarding the smell of marijuana from one of the rooms.

The officer could smell burnt marijuana near the door frame upon arrival at the dorm room. After knocking on the door, a female answered and the officer asked if he could enter the room, to which the female replied, “yes.” There was another female in the room.

The officer explained there was a report of an odor of marijuana coming from the room and asked the resident if she had marijuana.

The resident explained to the officer that she had smoked marijuana outside and that the smell in the room was from when she smoked outside. She said she didn’t have any marijuana in the room, but admitted to having pipes.

The officer asked for the pipes and the resident retrieved two, both of which contained burnt marijuana residue in the bowls.

The resident explained to the officer that she brought the marijuana from Colorado. She was diverted to the Dean of Students Office for possession of drug paraphernalia.

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