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    “”Can you imagine if your son brought you home Paris Hilton? I mean, talk about used materials!”” Joan Rivers said. Of course, the perks of having a son date a Hilton is that you’ll know what they do in the bedroom via the “”leaked”” videotapes. Oh wait, that’s not a perk…

    We’ve all been told not to speed numerous times by parents, teachers and that smelly guy who gave you your driving test and agreed to pass you. Here is a video made by Seven Productions that illustrates the perks of speeding and how it can save lives. Watch it at

    “”Star Trek’s”” 40th anniversary was Friday. This would be interesting if the actors weren’t solely in it for the money, the show weren’t “”so 40 years ago”” and William Shatner weren’t making a career out of being a washed-up has-been.

    Random review
    Come on, you’re awake at 12:30 a.m. and looking for something to do. Not only can you watch Adult Swim, adult-themed cartoons on the Cartoon Network, but you can also play adult-themed games online at Games range from “”Tom Goes to the Mayor”” idea volleyball to strip poker with Cori from “”Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”” It beats writing an agenda for your Facebook stalker any day.

    Gripe of the week
    I used to think the video game “”Halo”” was stealing my boyfriends. As Regina Isabel said when she started a group on (a social network similar to, “”You (‘Halo’) decided to spread your controls and let boys play with you all day and night.”” Alas, now I know that “”Halo”” is not the enemy, Photoshop is. With its vast mechanisms for altering photographs, boyfriends everywhere are succumbing to this obsession for perfection that is so-called “”art.”” I’ve got news for significant others everywhere: Your photographs may pay the bills, but they won’t cuddle you at night. So get off the computer and engage in some human interaction.

    DESA, a band from Oakland, Calif., (where my friend recently visited and said every place smelled like a dumpster) makes music that rocks and rocks and rocks. Touring with RX Bandits and I Am The Avalanche, they’ve got friends in high places and for good reasons. Listen to “”Delilah”” off their 2006 release Arriving Alive at

    Words to read
    “”Soul on Ice”” by Eldridge Cleaver, an eloquent Black Panther, has reached recent autobiographical classic status. Written by Cleaver at the age of 18, when he was in prison, he writes a portrait not only of himself, but also of the African-American experience during the 1950s. This book serves as both a lesson in history and a case study on the effects of racism, boiled down to the often illusory human level.

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