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    Sound Off: Keep it simple, Facebook, we can’t keep up with all the changes

    Facebook has debuted yet another update and there are more to come. Facebook will soon introduce what it calls a “timeline.” This timeline will run on every person’s profile and depict not only their history on the social networking site, but also their most important photos and text prior to joining Facebook (if they so choose). CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced the idea at Facebook’s f8 conference in front of an estimated 2,000 attendees.

    Pardon the obvious question, but how many times is Facebook going to change and re-invent itself? It’s bad enough that on a relatively regular basis a user has to sit down and relearn the layout, now we have to take on and monitor another aspect of our profile? It’s still not entirely clear exactly how things will end up on a timeline. According to Zuckerberg’s presentation, the timeline will include everything from what pictures we posted at a certain time to our statuses and what we we’re watching and listening to. It’s essentially a whole new way of easily tracking what you did with Facebook, without endlessly scrolling to the bottom of your profile page.

    But again, how do these things get there? Is our media going to be placed or ranked based on its popularity with our friends? Or will we be able to choose what exactly was memorable? Let’s be honest. There are some pictures or statuses on Facebook that are funny, but not exactly indicative of who we were entirely at one time in our life.

    Who wants to remember and look fondly back on the fact that they posted the “crank that soulja boy” song four times in 2007? Is mocking a silly song and fad of the time really what defined us? Or what about that sad, sappy status you wrote on a lonely weekend night back in freshman year, that about 10 of your friends commented on? Yeah, you probably shouldn’t have wrote it, but by the time you figured that out, it was already long out of your memory and you had moved on. Guess what? Now we all get to reminisce on the whiney punk you once were.

    While it’s always important to stay on the cutting edge and keep up with the times, perhaps Facebook is going overboard. With constant software updates and additions, even the tech savvy generation is struggling to keep up. Slow down “FB,” we like you just the way you are. Would Americans waste away the 53 billion minutes a month on Faebook if they didn’t?

    — Storm Byrd is the Perspectives editor. He can be reached at

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