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Mailbag: Nov. 5

A response to ‘An open letter to the UA’s Democratic voters’

Sir, as you gloat from your pedestal of victory, I must confess I envy you. You are an out-of-state student and will soon leave Arizona. I love this state and want to stay here. However, I also want access to the federal health care plan, but there will be no health care in this state. I want to live in a place where there is access to public education, but that is under threat due to budget cuts. I want to live in place where all people are treated as equals, but Jan Brewer has stripped citizens of domestic partnership rights and made it clear she supports discrimination.

I don’t agree with you that this election is a sign of a tide shifting. Statistics indicate older voters voted while younger voters didn’t. The old are generally conservative and set in their ways. The young for the most part did not vote, but I think most of them remain liberal.

However, the young can be swayed to change their views. By gloating, you persuade no one. I hope perhaps this letter will persuade you and others like you to stop and think. While you gloat, others cry because they fear for their futures, their health, their education, their civil rights and their jobs. I cry because I don’t want to leave the state I love. I want to stay in Arizona, but I want access to federal health care, access to affordable public education and I want civil liberties for LGBTQ individuals. You’ll leave Arizona, but I wish I could stay here. I envy that you can leave, but I will only do so with a heavy heart.

If you, Kevin, are fortunate enough to have parents who are paying for your education, I do envy you that, or rather I’m glad for you, because you’re lucky. I wish I were as fortunate. If you have always had insurance, I wish everyone were as fortunate. If you are straight and have never had to face discrimination and hatred, I hope you realize your privilege.

Skylar Colavito

Pre-law senior

Editorial added to already toxic political climate

The greatest thing about this country is the differing opinions people have, and their ability to freely express them. But given the animosity that politics has caused the past few years, I’m beginning to wonder why we have been given such a privilege that everyone takes for granted and uses inappropriately.   

The editorial in Wednesday’s Wildcat was wildly biased, as the media generally is. This bias is not my sole concern. Instead, I am concerned that every person in this country has resorted to tearing apart the other political party. We saw it in the campaigns this year. There was more mudslinging than from any other election. This article only added to the negativity that is being spewed forth from every media outlet. As college students, we should stop bashing others based on party lines, and move forward to set an example for the greater population. Sitting around in your classes all day will accomplish nothing. It goes beyond blogging and writing to the editor: it’s taking action, volunteering, running for a position yourself and ultimately, contributing to your country the way that the forefathers intended, with your whole being.    

However, in response to the editorial directly, it is unfair to assume that every candidate is narrow-minded and shortsighted, especially with no concrete examples. Many of these candidates ran for the first time and unseated incumbents. This election was not disappointing for conservatives, and it should not be for anyone. Instead, it should be seen as an accomplishment. The people spoke, and the people will unseat the next batch of politicians that will not work for the public but instead work for their own selfish desires.     

My state is not paranoid and broken. My state is a state that has chosen to take control and fight against the injustices that are being done in Washington. This is the state that I want to be.

Amanda Brewer

Africana studies undergraduate

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