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As football season heats up, so do UA fans. Daily Wildcat columnists take on the off-the-field issues facing campus.


Zona Zoo ‘seamstresses’ take the limelight

A video on the ESPN website features an interview with head Arizona football coach Mike Stoops about why our student section is so great. He humorously admits, “”It sometimes can be a little distracting to our players, seeing some of the outfits.””

Finally. The UA’s student section seamstresses are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

We’ve always known that the talented and creative modification of Zona Zoo T-shirts into cleavage-exposing strapless dresses (or equally burlesque arrangements) is an honored craft that finds new apprentices every year. It’s heartwarming to know that these outfits continue to be so revealing that a grown man makes note to acknowledge them during an interview for national television.

Outfits made from ripped sleeves and safety pins will undoubtedly be key players in this year’s presentation, with special care taken to eliminate as much material from the original shirt as possible without making the seamstresses liable for an indecent exposure ticket from the UAPD.

Unfortunately, it is likely that only Iowa, Berkeley and Oregon State players will get a full view from the Zona Zoo’s “”bend and snap”” brand of school spirit as they usually start to wear jackets by October. What a shame.

Keyword: “”shame.””


— Remy Albillar is a senior majoring in English and creative writing.


UA turncoats need to shed their competitors’ duds

Enough is enough. The University of Arizona’s colors are cardinal red and navy blue and our logo is a block “”A”” — so stop wearing other schools’ merchandise. Far too many students flood this campus on a daily basis wearing the colors and logos of other universities, especially other Pacific 10 Conference schools. Whether it’s California rejects wearing USC shirts and Cal hats, or Oregon outcasts looking for some sunshine sporting a Donald Duck Oregon shirt, these misplaced “”fans”” are everywhere and this has gone on for far too long. These students seem to have forgotten that they chose to be a Wildcat and not a Bruin. The UA obviously had something more appealing to them, or they couldn’t get into their “”favorite”” schools and now they study here yet choose to bear another school’s merchandise. The UA either outbid the other schools in the financial department, or actually accepted these geographically confused students into the school, and it’s time those students put to rest the “”Go (insert other school mascot here)”” shirts. Put on something else; you go here, so rep here or don’t rep at all.  


— Storm Byrd is a political science sophomore. He is also a student organizer for UAVotes, which is run by Arizona Students’ Association.

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