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OPINION: Hulu vs. Netflix

Jasmine Demers
Graphic illustration by Jasmine Demers, Hulu and Netflix logos retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

There are a lot of streaming services, but two of the most popular are Hulu and Netflix. They both have a different platform of content. Netflix has a wide selection of movies and older TV shows, while Hulu has a larger collection of current TV shows and a smaller selection of movies. So what you’re probably wondering is, which one is better for the price?

Right now, Hulu’s base price is $7.99 per month for its base content, but Feb. 26 their price is dropping to $5.99. Although Hulu has commercials, they offer a plan with no commercials for $11.99 a month, with a few exceptions, due to streaming rights. Hulu can be viewed officially only on one device at a time, but it normally allows two or three at a time. For live TV, Hulu charges $39.99 until Feb. 26, when it’ll increase to $44.99.

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Netflix has a bit more pricing options. Standard definition for one stream at a time is $8.99 per month, high definition for two screens at a time is $12.99 a month and four streams at a time is $15.99 a month. On Hulu, you can create up to six different profiles, and on Netflix, you get five profiles.

With Hulu’s kids shows and movies, there are no commercials. Hulu offers a lot of the shows I’ve noticed people have asked to be put on Netflix. Hulu has “Big Time Rush,” “Drake & Josh,” “Good Luck Charlie,” “Hannah Montana,” “That’s So Raven” and so many more. Additionally, some of the shows Netflix took off their list are on Hulu, like “Bob’s Burgers.” Hulu is also great for next-day airing of network TV shows from ABC, NBC and Fox. Hulu is also starting to produce original shows. 

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According to Diffen, Hulu has about 1,650 shows and 2,500 movies, whereas Netflix has about 100,000 movies and TV shows. Since 2010, Netflix has decreased their streaming movie list by almost 3,000 titles, according to Flixable. They have become more TV-oriented recently. Netflix has a lot of original content that mostly comes in the form of entire seasons of a television show, normally about 10 to 13 episodes that are all dropped at once.

The biggest difference between Netflix and Hulu is “comfort television,” according to The Verge. This would be shows that are off air but people want to rewatch. And like I said, Hulu does do this. They are co-owned by a lot of big networks and studios, like Disney, NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. Their biggest draw is their extensive library of license programming. Hulu is one of the best streaming devices for licensed television. Netflix has licensed shows too, of course, but they have recently been emphasizing more on their original shows, documentaries, comedy specials and movies. 

Honestly, many people have both streaming services. Netflix uploads by season and doesn’t upload until the next season of a show begins according to Differn. It’s hard trying to figure out which one is best for the price, because they are so different with such different content. But I’d say it’d be Hulu. I love rewatching old, good shows. I love cartoons, I love kid shows. And I don’t mind a couple of commercials here and there. I also love the way they upload the day after a show airs for certain titles of their network TV shows. Especially for the price, I’d say a couple of commercials make it worth it. 

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