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    Fake IDs may not be worth the effort

    Photo Illustration by Robert Alcaraz / Arizona Daily Wildcat

    At the University of Arizona, the only thing that is more prevalent than fake IDs are fake ID tickets. College students are notorious for drinking, especially those that aren’t 21. This underage drinking craze has brought college students around the nation to resort to purchasing fake IDs from various sources, which have had many adverse effects.

    With the increase of ID purchases comes increased security, and authorities are keeping a keen eye for those illegally purchasing alcohol, often resulting in a class 1 misdemeanor. This punishment can carry up to $1,500 in fines, hours of community service at the discretion of the appointed judge, a suspended license and possible jail time.

    Many students refrain from purchasing a fake ID because of the possible consequences.

    Additionally, bars in the Tucson area have stepped up their security, making it much more difficult for an underage individual to enter or purchase alcohol, especially at hot spots around campus like Gentle Ben’s, Dirtbag’s and Frog & Firkin.

    Taylor Chambers, pre-physiology sophomore, said she made a habit of using her fake ID to buy alcohol around local stores and sometimes used it at the bars around campus. Chambers purchased her ID on ID Chief, a now-defunct Chinese-based fake ID “mill” website, and used her ID one to two times a week, usually without any issues. During one visit to University Boulevard, Chambers’ ID was detected as a fake, resulting in fraudulent identification charges — which she was able to erase from her record — and an MIP which remains on her record even after participating in a $140 alcohol education program and completing 20 hours of community service.

    “If I ever get caught in Arizona using a fake ID again I will receive felony charges,” Chambers added.
    Jessica Pilar, a 21-year-old senior studying marketing, used a friend’s ID as her own and got kicked out of not one institution, but three — at the same time. While on a trip to Reno, Nevada, Pilar and friends visited Circus Circus, one of the most popular casinos in Reno, which is part of the MGM Resorts International family. While Pilar’s friends made it through security just fine, she was stopped and detained for “what felt like an interrogation,” she said.

    After intensive questioning Pilar admitted to using the fake ID and was subsequently photographed and had to fill out paperwork that banned her from the casino, as well as the Silver Legacy Resort & Casino and the Gold Strike casino in Jean, Nev., for six months.

    Pilar was one of the lucky ones and faced no legal consequences. She feels that peer pressure was the primary reason why she used her fake ID, and that the consequence, while not as severe as it could be, still wasn’t worth it.

    “I knew it wouldn’t have worked, but I still went for it anyway,” she said. “I was still two months from my 21st.”

    If you are a student who wishes to avoid the possible repercussions of being caught using a fake ID, stick to the frat and house parties. At least there you won’t be dropping such hefty amounts of cash to get equally intoxicated.

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