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    In response to “Letter to the Editor”
    by Iman Daryaei, Kristen Coan and Alan Thomas Kohler

    The only people who actually care about this issue are GPSC and ASUA. If our “student governments” have so much time and money that they can waste resources on such a meaningless issue then maybe we should stop funding them all together. It makes me sick to know that my tuition dollars are funding such a pointless argument.

    — Really?

    New ideas:
    1) Get rid of all the exorbitant fees ASUA charges every year and let the students pick and choose what services they would like to use, for example: you don’t get access to UA labs unless you agreed to pay that fee, no free Gallagher Theater movies unless you agreed to pay for that fee, no free SafeRide etc.
    2) The entire undergrad student body elects ONE president. Every college on campus gets ONE senator to represent them. All ASUA positions are UNPAID and FOR CREDIT ONLY.
    3) Stricter election requirements for those affiliated with Greek Life.

    — KonnyJoxville

    As a veteran and an undergraduate at the University of Arizona I can not describe how offensive I find this article. I am in shock that anyone would stereotypically declare undergraduates as 21 years old and solely reliant on their parents.

    — Vet

    21-years-old as the average age of undergraduate students was supplied by Rick Sears, the Associate Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning Support. In our Letter to the Editor we attempted to avoid stereotyping all undergraduate students with the inclusion of the important, albeit parenthetical caveat “certainly not all.” I am truly sorry that you feel offended and I hope that this note will alleviate some of your frustration.


    No one at this school cares about this stupid student government issue. Can we actually get an opinions section that deals with important issues such as ObamaCare or immigration.

    — FedUp

    A lot of people care. I care because I am a graduate student and barely make enough money to pay my bills. Yet, I am subjected to the ASUA legislation that keeps getting passed BY STUDENTS to raise STUDENTS fees. Tuition and fees have skyrocketed beyond all predictions over the past 3 decades, making school harder and harder to afford for students. WHY DO WE (STUDENTS) ELECT STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES (ASUA) WHO THEN RAISE THE FEES EVEN MORE? THAT MAKES NO SENSE!

    — Fed up with FEES

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