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Five bands to perform at KAMP Presents show

Aiden Vens

Freshman Brooke Blizzard works at her desk inside of the KAMP office at Park Student Union on Jan. 25. Students who work with KAMP can create their own radio shows.

KAMP Student Radio is presenting a night of performances by artists and bands curated by Alternative Music Director Colin Bauer.

Five bands will perform on Friday night at the Baha House, with $6 admission.

Bauer, a sophomore studying math, is continuing the tradition started by former KAMP alternative music director Molly Ragan last year.

“I have been blessed enough to carry on the show’s legacy,” Bauer said.

The live concert will host Negro Galacticus from Los Angeles, Twin Ponies from Phoenix, Amateur Hour from Tempe and Tucson local bands Bansheebeat and Newbell.

“These bands are some of the best in the fucking country,” Bauer said.

The money made from ticket sales will help cover traveling expenses for the bands coming in from out of town.

“Live music is fun as hell,” Bauer said. “It benefits everyone in terms of having fun in a boring-ass city.”

Bauer said Tucson is often overlooked by many well-known Arizonan acts, and with KAMP Presents, he is able to “bring credibility to the underground music scene in Tucson.”

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“The future of music lies within the hands of people interested in DIY,” Bauer said.

The interdimensional funk band Negro Galacticus uses each members’ unique style to add to their overall funk sound.

Raised by a mother with 40 years of experience in the music business, Steve Francell, a vocalist and guitar player for Negro Galacticus, has been playing music and singing since he was little.

Francell first learned how to play the piano before moving onto the guitar, which he called his love.

“I make music so I can breathe and feel and translate,” Francell said.

Francell said there isn’t necessarily a message that he intentionally puts into his music but rather it’s the “intention itself” that matters most.

“My intention is really just to try to stretch whatever is in your mind to its limit, within my own limitations,” Francell said.

Another band playing at KAMP Presents, Amateur Hour, released an EP, Mush, through Bauer’s own record label, Warped Your Records.

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“You do not need commercial radio and major labels to find new music,” Bauer said. “They just need a house and a few kids with determination to play music there.”

Within KAMP Student Radio, students are open to leadership roles that allow students to gain practical experience working in the music industry.

“I have been to every KAMP Presents to date and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one,” said Sebastian Machado, a pre-business sophomore.

Machado is the Mobile DJ Director at KAMP, and he provides DJ services for parties and gatherings. The mobile DJ crew consists of experienced students directed by Machado.

The KAMP Presents concert will be located at the Baha house at 324 E. Mabel St. Tickets are sold at the door for $6 each, and the show starts at 7 p.m.

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