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    Q & A: The Plain White T’s

    Three hours before the Plain White T’s took the stage at Centennial Hall last night, the Arizona Daily Wildcat sat down with frontman Tom Higgenson. The vocalist discussed the T’s hit song, “”Hey There Delilah,”” what he does on his days off and what he thinks of the UA.

    Wildcat: How did you come up with the name “”Plain White T’s””?

    Higgenson: We had a few names to choose from and “”Plain White T’s”” sounds cool. It is a symbol of something that is always cool and always in style. All the cool people wore a plain white tee, Marlon Brando and Elvis. The name fits the music we make: simple, but always fun and cool.

    W: How did the band get started?

    H: We are all from suburbs of Chicago, except Tim (Lopez). Dave (Tirio) and I started in high school with some other members. The other members decided it wasn’t for them, and we got the members we have now. A lot of work was put into the band to get here. We started out by playing songs in my basement. We played all over Chicago, backyards to community centers, everything. We started making our own CDs and began selling them at shows. We ended up getting signed to an indie label. We built the band up on our own.

    W: If you could tour with any artist, who would it be and why?

    H: The Beatles, because they are the best band of all time.

    W: Who in the band writes the songs?

    H: Me, for the most part.

    W: Where do song ideas come from?

    H: Life, girls, things I see and think about. I want to write more about the world. If you look back there is no music that speaks for the generation. If you think about the ’60s, there is music you hear and it brings you there.

    W: What are you planning on doing with your first big check?

    H: It should be coming in a few weeks. I think I am going to get a place in L.A., but maybe not yet because I won’t be able to live in it for a while.

    W: Do you have any songs you love to play at concerts?

    H: All of them. Especially when the crowd gets into it, like when the crowd sings along, because it is more fun.

    W: Any rituals you do before going


    H: I warm up by singing a little bit. Before we go on stage we all high-five. (mimicks high-fiving in the air)
    W: How have things changed for the band in light of the recent success it gained from “”Hey There Delilah””?

    H: We got more fans. We have been a lot busier. Now we have people and an audience who want to hear what we do next.

    W: Who is Delilah?

    H: Delilah is a girl I met that I thought was gorgeous. We never dated. We never made out. I met her in Chicago and she goes to school in New York. (I) wrote the song 3 or 4 years ago. We have shirts that say “”I am Delilah.”” She wears the shirt.

    W: The song “”Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)”” – was it written about a real ex-girlfriend of one of the band members?

    H: It was written about a girl that I wanted to be my girlfriend, and she said she did, too, but she flaked and she wasn’t as cool as I thought. That is the story. We were just about to get together when she decided she didn’t want to be together. The band left for tour and we had a long drive and I was pissed, so I wrote the song. When I got home I got the guitar and played.

    W: Have you ever been to the UA?

    H: No, but this area is completely different then other parts of town and a lot nicer. We fit in more here with the college kids.

    W: Touring?

    H: We are touring with Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes. That starts in a couple of weeks. It will be a full U.S. tour, so I am sure we are coming to Arizona.

    W: Anything after that?

    H: The band will tour in the U.K. in January and then Europe and then probably more in the U.S. Also Japan and Australia. We are going to be releasing our next album this time next year.

    W: What do you do on your days off?

    H: Go see movies. I recently saw “”Across the Universe.”” I saw it twice. It is incredible.

    W: What’s your favorite movie?

    H: Of all time? I like “”Cinema Paradiso”” and “”It’s a Wonderful Life.”” “”Vanilla Sky.””

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