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    Mailbag: April 2

    In response to the March 30 column, “Underage students should get fake IDs”:

    As a proud UA alumnus — that holds both an undergraduate and graduate degree from this great institution — I am saddened that you would allow any article or editorial with this content into the Daily Wildcat.

    Promoting underage drinking and the purchase of fake IDs is deplorable and irresponsible. I understand underage drinking occurs and students buy fake IDs to help facilitate this. I drank plenty as undergrad prior to turning 21; however, for a student newspaper to promote such activities is wrong. Not to mention the enumerable consequences that can occur with underage drinking: such as alcohol poisoning, drunken driving, arrests, etc.

    We are not ASU, and we should not seek to promote the UA as a “party” school. There are far too many great academic programs that foster innovation and achievement for the reputation of the school to be sullied by articles such as these.

    — Joshua Weaver,
    UA alumnus

    Online Comments

    In response to the March 28 article “Delta Chi efforts halted after suspension”:

    The Daily Wildcat is simply focusing on the affairs of Greek Life, seeing as how no one actually gives a care in the world about the Daily Wildcat. By blowing popular fraternities’ business way out of proportion such as the Pi Kappa Phi’s charge and Delta Chi’s probation, they try to attract readers by cleverly manipulating statements to make people think that they are in more trouble than they are. Both fraternities will be fine. Stay out of Greek Life, no one cares about the Daily Wildcat.

    — attack

    In response to the March 29 column “Outcry over black characters in ‘Hunger Games’ unwarranted”:
    If only America had more important issues to talk about …

    — Shane Dale

    Who cares that the characters aren’t matched completely? It’s just a movie and it was still a great one. People are blowing up for little reasoning.

    — Person

    In response to the March 27 column “College applications should stick with academic questions”:
    Asking or requiring? If you’re trying to get that information to provide diversity services (and “I choose not to specify” is an option) and generally better understand the makeup of your student population, then I don’t see the problem, assuming it’s not required. The article’s author seems to be confusing the two treatments.

    — Jesse Gunsch

    In response to the March 27 column “Florida gun laws need reform”:

    Where I do believe race does play a factor in this, I definitely believe as the days pass the focus needs to turn to preventing something such as this from happening again.

    — Jessy Gheen

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