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Mailbag: Oct. 25

Libertarian candidate worth watching

I just read Brett Haupt’s article (“”Third-party candidate made debate worthwhile””) regarding the Congressional District 8 debate and he is spot on. He was able to write exactly how I felt watching this “”debate.”” Gabby (Giffords) is a slick liar, Jesse (Kelly) was smirky and Steve (Stoltz) was rather uncomfortable to watch.

He does need a public speaking class, but you have to admit that he did have some intelligent things to say, when he could actually get the words out. Public speaking is tortuous for many people and not an indication of how intelligent someone is. Check out his website and read what he believes in but couldn’t articulate.

—Marsha Carter, Tucson Resident

Debate analysis revealed bias

I found Brett Haupt’s article extremely biased. He is obviously a liberal with little or no real “”life experience”” on which to base his juvenile commentary. He claims to be “”on the fence””, but his article paints him as anything but. In his first paragraph, he refers to Mr. Kelly’s comments as “”snide.”” At least his prejudice is on display early. He mentions that he is bitter toward politics. Exactly how many elections has he participated in? How much in taxes has he paid? How many businesses has he built? How many years did he spend in service to this country in uniform? It is so disingenuous and infantile to say he is bitter. Bitter at what, 20 years old? Perhaps those of us on social security who saw our benefits frozen while Congress gave themselves a raise ought to be bitter.

Haupt tells us that clearly Giffords has the most information about Southern Arizona. Her “”actual voting record”” would indicate the exact opposite. In fact she resides in Houston with her astronaut husband and does not even live in her district. What she knows is to follow Nancy Pelosi and vote with her the majority of the time, against the majority of the voters in this district. While the federal government was roasting Arizona over S.B. 1070, she sat silently by and did nothing and said nothing to stand up for her constituents. Those are the facts, not opinions or conjecture or feelings. She is extremely leftist in her voting,nd this country does not need extremism on either the right or the left.

Haupt insinuates (just like Giffords) that there is something illegal, immoral or disingenuous for a private company to do work for the government. There are literally thousands of companies that do business with the government. How many construction companies took stimulus money? How many banks? How many universities? I’d rather see small American businesses get their tax dollars back, being of service to the public, than giving the money to foreign entities, big banks, universities and big investment firms.

He wraps up this piece of unbiased professional journalism by swearing (bullshi_). And then, my oh my, he proffers to give voting advice backed by years of wisdom and discernment. Sorry, I’ll pass. This article may play well on campus, but anyone over the age of 21 will see it for what it is; the rantings of a liberal college undergrad with a self-important opinion.

—Gregory Sump, Tucson resident

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