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    Police responded to the Chi Omega sorority house, 1420 E. First St., after two students reported receiving a suspicious e-mail at 8:46 p.m. on Aug. 22, reports stated.

    The students said the e-mail was from the father of a student who had recently been extended a bid to join the sorority, reports stated.

    The e-mail stated if the sorority gave a bid to his daughter, it would destroy the family, reports stated.

    The e-mail went on to say if the two students continued to pursue his daughter, they would be sorry, reports stated.

    The students told police they had both spoken with the student earlier that day, and she seemed excited about receiving a bid, which is why they were both surprised and concerned about the e-mail.

    Police called the student’s father and asked him about the e-mail, reports stated.

    The father told police he had objected to his daughter joining a sorority because of financial difficulties his family was currently going through.

    The father also said he was concerned joining a sorority would cause his daughter’s academics to suffer.

    Police told the father his concerns were valid but said the way in which he chose to express them wasn’t appropriate, reports stated.

    Police also told the father neither of the students wished to receive any future communication from him in any form.

    The father apologized for the e-mail and said he wouldn’t contact anyone in the sorority again, reports stated.

    A student reported losing her $399 cell phone sometime between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Aug. 21 while she was in class in the Education building, 1430 E. Second St., reports stated.

    The student told police the phone was black and had a camera, MP3 player, e-mail and Internet service.

    The student said she thought she may have lost the phone during class but also said she had spent time in the Modern Languages building and McKale Center that day, reports stated.

    The student told police she had last seen her phone at 8 a.m. when she was heading for class and didn’t notice it was missing until 2 p.m. when she got home.

    The student called the phone to see if anyone had picked it up and also retraced her steps to find the phone, reports stated. She also checked with her instructors to see if anyone had turned the phone in.

    Police called the lost and founds at the buildings the student said she had spent time in and also contacted the information desk at the Student Union Memorial Center but were unable to locate the phone.

    The student didn’t have the phone’s serial number at hand and was told to contact police when she found it, reports stated.

    The student said with her father’s help she had canceled her phone service.

    Police have no suspects or witnesses, reports stated.

    An employee called police after his work truck’s driver-side window was shot out sometime between 11 a.m. Aug. 21 and 3:25 p.m. Aug. 22 while it was parked on East Second Street near North Warren Avenue, reports stated.

    Police met with the employee, who showed them the truck window, which was shattered but still in place, reports stated.

    There was a small hole in the middle of the window that looked to be the size of a “”BB”” bullet, reports stated.

    No other damage was found on the inside or outside of the truck, reports stated.

    The employee told police the last time someone used the truck was at 11 a.m. on Aug. 21, and there was no damage present.

    Police searched inside the truck and around it but didn’t find anything that would have caused the damage, reports stated.

    Police have no suspects or witnesses, reports stated.

    A Parking and Transportation Services employee reported seeing a vehicle hit a parked SUV in the Sixth Street Parking Garage, 1201 E. Sixth St., at 3:10 p.m. Aug. 22, reports stated.

    The vehicle backed into the SUV damaging its rear spare tire cover and then left the area, reports stated.

    The vehicle left pieces of a broken taillight behind, reports stated.

    Police searched the garage but couldn’t find any vehicle with rear-light damage.

    Police were unable to locate a student or employee under the name of the SUV’s registered owner, reports stated.

    Police left behind a business card with the case number on the driver’s door, reports stated.

    The broken pieces of taillight were placed into evidence along with photos taken of the SUV, reports stated.

    Police have no suspects or witnesses, reports stated.

    A student lost his $30 brown leather tri-fold wallet sometime between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Aug. 22 while he was in class in the Social Sciences building, 1145 E. South Campus Drive, reports stated.

    The wallet contained the student’s credit card, CatCard and health insurance card, reports stated.

    The student told police he placed his wallet in his pants and went to class at 8 a.m.

    The student noticed his wallet was missing at 9 a.m. and left class, reports stated.

    The student told police his wallet probably fell out of his pocket while he was in class.

    Police told the student to cancel his credit card and freeze any accounts he may have on his CatCard, reports stated.

    Police have no suspects or witnesses, reports stated.

    Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police?Department reports. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resume can be found at

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