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    “On The Spot: Patrick Ryan, Computer sciences junior”

    There was a news item Superman’s debut broke an auction record today. It sold for for $1.5 million. Have you heard about this?

    Wow. I’m not surprised, though. I know that Marvel #1 sold for about $150,000.

    What’s weird is that about a month ago, the Superman debut broke a record but it was under $1 million. Within a week, Batman’s debut comic sold for a little over $1 million, and now this. So there’s a weird rivalry going on.

    I’d say so. There’s always been a rivalry between Batman and Superman, especially in the comics.

    How would you describe their relationship?

    They’re kind of like yin and yang in a way. Superman’s basically a Boy Scout, if you think about it. There’s not a lot character behind him, but really the appeal of Superman is that he always does the right thing, no matter what. Batman’s just kind of the darker side of him; he was just thrown into the world of superheroism whereas Superman was born into it. Batman had to learn how to become a superhero and Superman has always been Superman.

    I take it you’re a Batman fan?

    Very much so.

    Who do you think would win in a fight?

    The majority of the time in the comics Batman has, so I’m going to go with Batman on that one.

    Marvel has some of their characters established in the movies and they’re going to team up in the upcoming “”Avengers”” movie. Some of the Avengers haven’t had their movies released yet. But Batman and Superman have had their movies out, so what do you think a team-up movie with them would be like?

    I don’t want another “”Justice League of America.”” I got enough of that crap when I was a kid. The TV show was just so lame and corny. … I think a team-up like that would be really good. It really seems DC (Comics) has been getting their shit together lately. The Batman movies have been really good; I can’t say the same for the newer Superman movie. But the Superman movies have never been good.

    (Laughs.) Why is that?

    Like I said before, Superman just lacks character. He has no inner struggle or anything interesting to read about. It’s just him flying around, beating the shit out of people. I mean it’s fine if you’re a kid and you’re watching a TV show for half an hour, but I don’t want to watch a two-hour long movie of ass-kicking. That was what “”The Passion of the Christ”” was, you know?


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