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    In response to “Matt Scott incident demonstrates football culture’s carelessness” (by Dan Desrochers, Oct. 31):

    Evidently you missed the report that said Scott has been cleared to play against UCLA this weekend. If he was concussed, it’s likely that he wouldn’t have been cleared.

    — Kevin Wos

    In response to Kevin Wos:
    Whether or not he was cleared to play against UCLA, or whether or not he was subsequently diagnosed to have not had a concussion, is NOT germane to the discussion.

    At the time of the incident/injury he showed all of the symptoms of having a concussion. At that point, and following proper medical protocols, anyone who cares about the welfare of his player(s) should have pulled him from the game and he should have immediately been taken for a comprehensive neurological exam. Not only should he have been pulled from the game, but he should have been taken from the field and to a medical facility.

    Scott has been cleared to play against UCLA, but due to [HIPAA] privacy requirements, we will never know his exact diagnosis.

    — OceanOfStars

    In response to “Recent college graduates must mind the pay gap between genders” (by Kristina Bui, Oct. 29):

    I must say, I graduated in 2011 with a degree in journalism and I have not found this to be true. I’ve actually earned more than my male counterparts at nearly every company I’ve worked for. If you are highly qualified, energetic and not afraid to ask for a reasonable salary, you’ll earn what you should.

    — Natalie

    In response to “No sense in shrinking ZonaZoo” (by James Kelley, Oct. 30):

    Part of the problem is the older folks that attend the games. I’m all for respecting my elders, but I was kicked out of a game last year for no other reason than the fact that I refused to sit down, and I refused to be quiet.

    I was not cussing or being disrespectful, but the people sitting behind me couldn’t see and didn’t want to stand, so they complained and had me removed. Since then I have refused to attend a game.

    I say if you want to sit down, watch the game at home with the mute button on for all I care, and let real fans who want to cheer do so freely!

    — tmac

    #1 reason why attendance is down is due to the construction, both road and stadium. The stadium in general is lacking in attendance, so don’t point fingers at the Zoo.

    If people are complaining about ZonaZoo’s attendance then sell out the stadium for two years and we will talk about giving up our corners and decreasing the size to 8,000-9,000. I would say 4,000 Zoo members create more noise than the entire west side of the stadium!

    Zona Zoo arrives 2hrs~30mins before game, seats are in the sun (during day games), and stands for the entire game. While the rest of the fans get to the stadium at game time, sits for 80 percent of the game in the shade, and don’t bring the energy the Zoo does!

    — Bear Down

    I sat in the old student section back in the Desert Swarm days. My friends and I were always annoyed that we had such poor seats, as the student sections were always the loudest and most supportive of the stadium. I think the current location of the Zoo is great and hate the idea of cutting it or moving it.

    As for now, I am sitting with my same friends on the east side still being loud and supportive. I would have to disagree about some comments of the OSU game being dead. Nobody in our section was quiet or “dead” during that game. While yes, in the USC game, the crowd thinned out early, the common complaint was it was still too hot/sunny to sit for a 4 hour long game. Many people, including some of my friends, left from time to time to simply cool off in the shade. The idea of sitting in the sun for such a long time is unrealistic. Even though it is October, this is still Arizona and it was 85* that day. I personally paid for it with a nice sunburn.

    — BC

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