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    A flying pig has been discovered in a La Quinta Inn and Suites parking lot. Well, no not a real pig. When Roger Waters’ performed at Coachella this past weekend, he had this monstrosity of a display for his fans-an inflatable pig-that decided to fly during his set. According to an article by LA Times, the festival organizers were offering a pretty hefty $10,000 for anyone who could find it and return it to its rightful owner. The Desert Sun in Palm Springs described the ending result like so: “”Sadly, now it looks more like pulled pork: crumpled heaps of shredded, spray-painted plastic.”” Two couples apparently found the tattered pig and are reportedly going to “”split the fee.””

    Miley Cyrus is 15 going on…16, really. This seems to be the going age for these young stars to start dropping trou’ in front of a camera device. Vanity Fair recently released pictures of Cyrus posing wearing only a white sheet while “”pouting her lips”” for the camera. Really, they were not that bad and if I were the mother of a kid who liked her, I wouldn’t be too worried. Bill O’Reilly said on his program on Monday that her father, Billy Ray, is putting her in a situation where she is portrayed as a sex symbol. It is easily recognizable that Cyrus is a brand and sooner or later those issues are going to come to a head. Honestly though, they were not that racy! All the Disney mothers need to relax and not get their panties in such a twist.

    It appears it is already baseball season in Arizona! After the big disappointment, and the lack of defense in any sense of the word, the Phoenix Suns are out of the playoffs-but is anyone really that shocked? Now, I am not a basketball expert, but the San Antonio Spurs are champs for a reason-ahem, they are actually a good team and they’re consistent. While watching the game, it seemed as if for every two points the Suns’ were killing themselves to make, the Spurs were making it seem almost effortless. Maybe in Mike D’Antoni’s last two years coaching the team, he can show Nash how to not give the ball to the opposite team with three points up in the fourth quarter, and teach all of them how to play a little defense. They should really get some playing video of the Spurs’ defense to see what actually wins games. Watching the horror, it just felt like the Suns’ did not really want it. Maybe Sean Marion for O’Neal was not such a good idea after all, considering this is the first time in D’Antoni’s four years coaching for the Suns that they were knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. Oh and also the fact that the man can’t successfully make a free-throw shot to save his life, something Gregg Popovich took to their advantage.

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