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    On the spot

    We saw Brother Jed Smock preaching on the Alumni Plaza from afar, and ran up to him as he was about to leave.

    Wildcat: OK, you’re on the spot. So tell me about your wife. Is she a believer?

    Smock: My wife is. She converted through my ministry in Florida. She used to come out and heckle me.

    W: Why would she heckle you?

    S: For entertainment’s sake. Just as students do here.

    W: Would she ride around you with a bicycle and smoke a hookah pipe in front of you?

    S: No. People would do that and they would try to discourage me and test me.

    W: How did you get her on your side?

    S: Well, I rebuked her sharply. I said, “”Repent of your sins, you wicked woman.”” And she got to thinking, in the light of the way she had been brought up, she was wicked.

    W: Why?

    S: She was living immorally.

    W: How?

    S: We need not describe it.

    W: Did she smoke cigars?

    S: She was violating God’s law.

    W: Can you tell me some of the things that are sin?

    S: Selfishness, self indulgence, drunkenness, fornication, any sort of sexual immorality.

    W: Was there a point in your life when you’ve realized you were sinning, and you had to turn away?

    S: I was a college professor. I promoted atheism, socialism…

    W: Is socialism sinful?

    S: Yes it is. It robs from the more productive members of society, to redistribute the wealth amongst the less productive. It’s a group sin.

    W: If you could rate it on a sin scale of one to 10 …

    S: Any sin is serious. Any sin will separate us from God.

    W: Are sorority girls more sinful than scholars?

    S: If you look at these Greek organizations, study their charters, most of them at least are based on Christian principles. But I think generally speaking, they don’t take these Christian principles seriously. What they take seriously is the party life.

    W: How many drinks does it take to sin?

    S: That would vary according to the individual. Women are less likely to be able to handle one than men, generally.

    W: What about a Cosmopolitan, because they have less alcohol in them?

    S: Less alcohol, the better.

    W: What about a Bloody Mary?

    S: Sister Pat, we’d better go.

    W: Well, can … OK thank you.

    – Andi Berlin

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