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GUEST LETTER: The 2023-24 ASUA president welcomes new University of Arizona students

Alyssa Sanchez is the 2023-24 ASUA student body president. Sanchez is a senior majoring in political science (Courtesy Alyssa Sanchez).

¡Hola a todos mis compañeros Wildcats!

My name is Alyssa Sanchez. I use ella/she/her pronouns and currently study political science with an interest in pursuing a career in immigration. 

I have the honor and privilege of serving as the first Latina ASUA student body president in all of University of Arizona history. This is an incredible achievement that many of my peers and myself have worked together to accomplish and I would like to express my gratitude in trusting me to represent your interests, concerns and most importantly your goals!

Being the student body president means to be the voice and representation of the student body, advocating for our needs and interests. At ASUA we work to improve campus life and organize events, and my role specifically advocates for students in the rooms of faculty and administration. 

As I am now approaching my final year and have some words of advice for all those starting and/or continuing on their own educational journey at the UA. 

Be yourself

When starting college you’re introduced to the biggest challenge of all, figuring out who you are and your purpose here is. These are questions that I still ask myself, and it’s okay to never fully know. I started out my academic career as a computer science major with a background in biomedical engineering, now I’m in a completely different field and life path altogether — and this is completely normal. With trying out different clubs, being a part of events and even joining a program, you never know where fate is going to take you. As long as you move forward in life with a positive outlook you will find out a little more of who you are.

Where to go and what to do

Our university offers endless opportunities to find community. ASUA is the student government and there’s many opportunities to become involved and seek leadership. If you’re curious, come to the office! We’re located on the third floor of the Student Union Memorial Center, and students are always welcomed!

Cultural resource centers are unique to our university. Our resource centers include African American Student Affairs, Guerrero Student Center, Asian Pacific American Student Affairs, Disability Resource Center, Immigrant Student Resource Center, LGBTQ+ Affairs, Native American Student Affairs, and the Women and Gender Resource Center and are located in different areas of our campus. These centers offer safe spaces and community for those with shared backgrounds and experiences.

If you have your CatCard, there’s so many free events WEB throws throughout the school year and ZonaZoo always brings the energy and hype to our games! 

The 50th anniversary of Spring Fling is this year and everyone here at ASUA is working our hardest to bring back one of the nation’s biggest student-run carnivals. We hope to see it again and are working hard to make this year special.

Everyone needs help

Nothing in life is done alone or done by one single person, everyone needs help and our university is filled with good people. CAPS is a great resource for mental health guidance. Our cultural resource centers also offer embedded counselors who offer similar services with included cultural understanding. Always reach out to your advisors, they are here for you. Be curious, ask questions and form a study group. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you need help, there’s so much strength in vulnerability.

Find home in Tucson

Growing up in Tucson I was surrounded by the beautiful landscape the desert and mountains provide. As you explore the greater Tucson area you will notice beautiful local art that’s all around you. Try the local cuisines and food trucks, we have so many different options that offer delicious food with a welcoming and friendly environment. There are so many things to do here like visiting historical sights, mountain climbing and taking a million photos of our gorgeous sunsets. Just remember to always be respectful to those who live here year-round and always take care of our natural environment.

Por último

I want you all to know that at the University of Arizona you are starting a new chapter and you need to be kind to yourself. There will be times where you’re going to feel like you’ve lost yourself or you’ve messed up, but know that failure does not define who you are. Failure offers the opportunity for growth and understanding, you need to love yourself enough to give yourself space to grow and know when you can no longer do it alone. Always try to make you and your family or community proud. Lead with a good heart and understanding mindset, open yourself up to others and always know that you’ve always been good enough. Thank you for reading my introduction and I wish everyone a wonderful year. 


Alyssa Sanchez

ASUA Student Body President 2023-24

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