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Police Beat: December 3

No tickets, please

A UA student displayed disorderly conduct at Parking and Transportation Services on Nov. 18.

A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to PTS regarding a disorderly student. The responding officer spoke with the PTS appeals officer after arriving.

The appeals officer said he was on the second floor of the building and noticed a male student walking around that he did not recognize. The student approached him and asked if anyone was working the front desk.

The student told the appeals officer, “I need to talk to someone about the fucking ticket.”

The appeals officer told the student that he could help him and told him to come downstairs. The student began to pace and moved his arms back and forth across his chest once he was downstairs. The appeals officer asked how he could help the student, who replied with, “I paid over $6,500 to this university; parking should be free.”

The student proceeded to say that he was only over the meter by a couple of minutes. The appeals officer became alarmed by the student’s anger and said he may have to call UAPD.

The student told the appeals officer to call UAPD, before throwing down his PTS citation and the receipt for parking at the meter. He then left the building.

The student returned to the PTS building and spoke with another individual. He immediately wanted to know who the PTS officer was and gave the officer’s number.

The individual asked the student to calm down, and they went inside his office to talk. The student became angry and yelled, “I was only over by 15 minutes! How dare you guys ticket me for that!”

He continued to yell, “This $50 ticket is money I don’t have, and I live on a fixed income.” He again asked for the officer he spoke to earlier.

The individual told the student he was not going to tell him that.

The student yelled, “This is fucking ridiculous. All these kids here live off mom and dad’s money.”

Prior to leaving the building, the student said that the officer he continued to ask for was “probably some fat ass” and left.

The individual who spoke with the student the second time said that he did not want him to return to the building unless he was able to talk in a calm and professional manner. The individual also said PTS was not interested in criminal charges.

When the UAPD officer contacted the student to get his side of the story, he said he did not want to talk to police without his lawyer. The officer told him that was fine but not to return to PTS about the matter until it was resolved. The student said he would not return and would use other resources on campus to resolve the ticket.

Shut up!

A UAPD officer was dispatched to the Main Library on Nov. 18 in reference to an individual who was disturbing people.

After the UAPD officer arrived, he spoke with library staff who said a man had used profanity at them, and they wanted him to leave. They pointed the individual out to the officer.

The officer approached the man and could detect a strong smell of intoxicants from him.

The officer asked the individual to leave and escorted him out. The man said he was just trying to use the computer and had never been at the Main Library before.

However, he was disrespectful to another officer who arrived on the scene by telling him to “shut up,” among other things.

The individual asked to be transported to the Crisis Response Center. He was searched and handcuffed before being transported to the CRC without incident.

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