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    Police Beat: Sept. 27

    Trespasser mouths off to cop

    A man with no UA affiliation was arrested on campus for false reporting to law enforcement and delinquent/incorrigible acts on Tuesday. He was transported home and released to his father after being cited by a University of Arizona Police Department officer and was banned from returning to UA.

    At 8:55 a.m. a UAPD officer on bike patrol noticed a man  standing in front of a metal bench at a bus stop. The man appeared younger than collegiate age and was holding a green marker in his right hand.

    The man looked up and saw the cop approaching him. He stashed the marker in his pocket and quickly began walking away. The officer came up behind him and asked him to stop.

    When the man stopped he threw his hands up in the air yelling, “”I’m fucking late for school; I need to catch the bus.”” The officer asked why the man had left the bus stop if he needed to catch a bus. The man said that when he saw the officer, he knew he was going to be approached and did not want to talk to a cop. The officer said he did not originally intend to talk to him, but when he asked for the man’s name, he shouted “”I don’t have any ID on me.””

    When asked if he had a wallet, the man responded, “”I told you I don’t have anything.”” The officer asked the man his name, to which he replied, “”I don’t know my name.”” The man gave a name and a date of birth after being asked a second time.

    The name was unusual so the officer asked him to repeat it. The man yelled, “”You hard of hearing?”” and repeated the name again.

    The officer relayed this information to a dispatch but no records were found for that name. The man kept saying, “”I’m late for school, I need to catch the bus.”” The officer told the man he would be detained for giving a fake name. The officer was able to handcuff his right hand but the man resisted having his other hand restrained. The officer told him to put his hand behind his back. The man yelled, “”Fuck you, I have to go to school.””

    The officer was eventually able to handcuff the man’s left hand. The man yelled, “”I know you saw me with the marker but it’s empty. It doesn’t even work, that is why you handcuffed me.””

    The officer warned the man that if he did not state his real name he was going to book him into jail as John Smith. The man then gave his legitimate name. He was told to contact someone from his family who was responsible for him, but the man said all his family lived out of town and he had no one to call since they don’t have a phone.

    The officer told the man that if he could not contact anyone to come get him, he would be taken to the juvenile detention center. The man then retracted his previous statement and told the officer that his father lived in town and might be home. The officer was able to make telephone contact with the man’s father, who said he was not surprised at the news of hearing his son had gotten into trouble. The father said his son had anger issues and did not listen to him or his mother. The father said he couldn’t go pick him up because his car was broken down and the only way he could arrive at the scene was if he took a bus.

    The man was transported home by UAPD. Additionally, the man is no longer welcome on any UA property and has been warned for trespassing.

    Construction site’s potties pillaged

    An unknown person cut a chain link securing a construction fence on the UA campus to use the portable toilet located within the fenced yard. The portable toilet had a padlock on the door latch that had been pried off and damaged sometime between 5 p.m. on Sept. 17 and 7 a.m. and Sept. 20.

    A UAPD officer responded to a report of criminal damage at the scene on Wednesday at 11:25 a.m. He met with an employee of the construction company that was working at the scene. The worker said that over the weekend an unknown person had damaged the lock, broken in, and used the portable toilet. He said that the portable toilets had been cleaned out before the construction workers left and that they had been filled up after the break-in. He believed suspects to be UA football tailgaters.

    The man decided to reinforce the fence and place a padlock on the door handle of the portable toilet for the weekend of Sept. 18. The following Monday when he got to work, he noticed the fence had been opened again. The padlock was broken off the portable toilet’s door, the handle was damaged and the portable toilet was again full.

    The man called UAPD because he wanted an incident report for the construction company and so that police units working the next tailgate would be informed of what had been happening the last few times.

    The officer made contact with the renting party and advised them of the damage. A work order was going to be placed for the portable toilet.

    Have a lock? Use it.

    A bike was stolen from the Highland Commons bicycle rack sometime between 1 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

    At 1:20 p.m. a UAPD officer spoke to the owner of the bicycle. He said that his road bike had been unlocked at the time that he left it on the bike racks, but that he did have a master U-lock on the handlebars, unsecured to the bike or bike rack.

    When the man returned at 12:15 p.m., his bicycle was missing from the rack. The man said he was unsure of the serial number of the bike but he would attempt to locate it and contact UAPD if he found it.

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