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    OPINION: Bad movies are actually good. Here are my favorites

    Cyrus Norcross

    Program Director of The Loft Cinema, Jeff Yanc, speaks with the crowd about the Scream-O-Rama and introduces the first scary movie on June 1.

    With Oscar season almost upon us, it is time to think about film. Some appreciate great cinematography, good acting or even a great story, but for others like myself, we enjoy the worst parts of movies. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great film like 2018’s “Beautiful Boy,” but there is nothing better in this world than watching a good bad movie. 

    Some may say bad movies were defined by 2003’s “The Room”, directed by and starring Tommy Wiseau, but there is a whole bad movie universe out there for people to enjoy, and I have seen my fair share of them. To give a little background, I spend most of my Thursday nights with a group of my closest friends watching a movie — a bad movie. Not only have I gained an appreciation for them, but every week the movies seem to get worse — and that is great. 

    I have outlined a few of my favorites, however, keep in mind there are a few spoilers. Nonetheless, I do recommend watching each and every one of them. 

    “Monkeybone” is the first bad movie I recommend. Released in 2001 and starring the one and only Brendan Fraser, this Henry Selik film is horribly good. The movie follows a cartoonist that is about to have his comic strip turned into a television show when he is struck down and placed into a coma. Shortly after, he is transported into the world of Monkeybone, and this is where the film gets good. It is half animated, half claymation, mixed with the likes and jokes of Fraser. This is a classic for a movie night, due to the comedy, filmography and all-around fun.

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    “Food Fight” is the next film I recommend for those who enjoy a good bad film. Directed by Lawrence Kasanoff (yes, he of Mortal Kombat infamy), this movie was released in Russia in 2012. Featuring the voices of Charlie Sheen, Hilary Duff, Eva Longoria and Wayne Brady this animated disaster is basically a G-rated version of “Sausage Party.” It follows a dog detective voiced by Sheen and his friends, who try to stop an evil icon, Brand X, from taking over their supermarket. Yeah, I feel like that is all I need to say to get you hooked. Only 13 percent of Google users liked the movie, and I am one of them. If you like low-budget animated films, this is one for the books — or in this case the screen.

    “FrankenHooker” is the next film on my watchlist recommendations. Released in 1990 and rated R, this movie is a science fiction/cult film full of greatness. The film is a color version of a “Twilight Zone” episode mixed with the fun and aventure of a late 80s flick. From the dialogue to the concept, this film is a classic-turned-horror. The plot follows a boyfriend who is trying to bring his dead girlfriend back to life with the help of hookers, a new drug called super crack and explosions/science. 

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    The last few films I recomend are along the same lines. From horrible jokes to Jennifer Aniston’s original nose, these films are amazing for movie nights or just a bad-movie marathon. First up is the “Amazing Panda Adventure,” a children’s film based in China starring Stephen Lang from “Don’t Breathe.” All I have to say is watch it for yourself, and then throw the movie out, a classic. Then, if you want more, just watch the first “Leprechaun” film. Featuring Jennifer Aniston’s old nose and a leprechaun that eats people, this is a classic horror movie.

    The last two bad movie recomendations I have are “How To Get Ahead in Advertising” and “Austin Powers in Goldmember.” Both are intended to be classics but kind of fall short on the good-movie scale. The first has a man growing something unexpected out of his neck and the second has Mike Myers in it. With so many bad movies out there, all I say is watch them! 

    I would love to see your picks for good bad movies and talk about what makes these bad films classics and worth the movie-night pick. Share your thoughts with me on Twitter to continue the picks.

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