Sol Y Luna apartments facing potential shut down due to code violations


Rebecca Noble

A view of Sol Y Luna student living apartment complexes on the UA campus on Monday, Oct. 31, 2016. The lowest rent at Sol Y Luna starts at $785 a month in a six-person living situation. (Photo by Rebecca Noble / The Daily Wildcat)

Kiara Adams

Residents of student apartment complex Sol Y Luna could potentially be looking for new housing soon due to various code violations and conditions of the building itself.

According to reporting from KGUN 9, Sol y Luna Apartments are Ward 6 which is overseen by City Council Member Steve Kozachik. Kozachik said in the article, “Sol Y Luna has around 30 different code violations and a pending court hearing. The City has already given the complex a fair warning, and now, enough is enough.”

City Council sent code enforcement and the fire inspectors in on Aug. 23. Once the analysis is done and the reports sent to Nelson Partners LLC, the owners of Sol Y Luna, they will have 24-48 hours before the apartment complex could potentially be shut down.

Most of the uproar regarding the conditions of Sol Y Luna has come from a Facebook group created by a parent of a resident of the building. In the Facebook group, parents of students in the building are sharing reports of unsafe and unsanitary conditions regarding broken key fobs and trash in the building.

The Daily Wildcat reached out to Sol Y Luna but was unable to get through to anyone in the management of the building.

Residents of Sol Y Luna were shocked by the news and are trying to figure out the next steps in this uncertain process.

“Learning that the building could be potentially shut down was really scary at first, especially because my roommates and I learned about it from the news, and not from the actual [Sol Y Luna] management,” said sophomore student and Sol Y Luna resident Gavin Kimmel.

Current residents of the building have logical reasons for why the building is in the state that it currently is.

“The trash system has been really backed up, but I feel like that is to be expected when students are moving in and producing more trash than normal,” Kimmel said. “Otherwise, our AC and all other facilities in our apartment work, and my roommates and I have been really enjoying living here.”

Previous residents of Sol Y Luna have different views on the matter though.

“I lived in Sol Y Luna, specifically the Luna building, last school year. It was undoubtedly the worst experience I have ever had. We didn’t have consistent hot water for months at a time, our ice machine broke in the freezer a few months after moving in and wasn’t fixed by the time we moved out, management was always incredibly disrespectful, and there was always at least one elevator out of order … and everything was always dirty and unsafe. There was maybe a security guard posted once or twice every month. Our mail was never on time, and they lost a few of my packages,” said junior student and former Sol Y Luna resident Tanner Johnson.

While Johnson does share sympathies for students that could soon potentially be facing housing insecurity, he has a firm stance on the potential building shutdown.

“I fully support it being shut down,” Johnson said. “I feel incredibly remorseful for those currently living there now, and the possibility of having to somehow find housing for the rest of the year at the very last minute but honestly they are at risk of horrible living situations if they [stay] in the building.”

As it stands, the building is still currently open and residents have a place to stay, but that may be changing in the coming future.

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