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    GOP column balanced in argument, sets example for other columnists

    I apologize for taking so long to give credit where credit is due, but I’ve been busy during midterms.

    One thing I have long felt as a Republican is that our party is not really our party. I do not identify very well with Republicanism because it is not truly what it claims to be. Though not 100 percent in agreement with every point that Justyn Dillingham made in his recent column (“”GOP must return to its roots to survive,”” Oct. 20, 2008), for once I found myself nodding at much of what he has written. I am a Republican because there is more power in that party than any other on the right, not because I find myself agreeing with everything the party stands for today. I very much agree with his assessment that the Grand Old Party needs to return to its roots, and I have no desire to quibble over disagreements on minor points.

    But my purpose in responding is primarily to praise Justyn for what he has done: He has written a column explaining how he feels in a manner that is not condescending or ignorant. He intelligently explicates his view, makes no use of fiery, emotionally-charged phraseology or arguments and even gives credit to the good in the party that he disagrees with. Other columnists would be wise to follow his lead, because this is not a “”left vs. right”” equals “”good vs. evil”” world. There is good on both sides; there are valid points from both ends of the spectrum. It takes a truly open-minded person to look for the good in the opponents’ camp. Sadly, most of what comes from our opinion columns is nothing more than lukewarm professions to open-mindedness, which amounts to little more than falling in step to every beat of the Democrats’ drums. Thank you, Justyn, for writing a fair opinion piece.

    Jonathan Rutherford
    psychology senior

    Farewell to Olson

    Disturbed by the news as I’m sure everyone else is, I regret to say Lute is gone! I want to thank him for his years here at Arizona, but I’m also disappointed that he waited until Oct. 23, one day before my 21st birthday to quit! I have grown up in Tucson and have been a loyal Arizona fan my whole life, but I think if Lute was going to quit, he should have done it in the offseason. Now we face tough adversity this season, and it will be on the shoulders of the coaches and the players to keep our active 23 straight tourney appearances going. I want to thank Lute again for his years here, but I also urge Livengood and many UA fans alike to ensure this program’s success continue!

    Thank you and Bear Down!

    Eric Townsend
    pre-journalism sophomore

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