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Mailbag: Jan. 31

Starbucks not art or entertainment

The article “”Mega-quencher battle royale: Starbucks versus convenience stores”” (Jan. 26) is completely invalid. Not only is it a complete waste of space in the Wildlife section, but it doesn’t even apply and is poorly written and researched. For one, the picture is larger than the “”article”” itself, and doesn’t offer much in the way of information. Two, the section of the Wildcat deemed “”Wildlife”” is labeled as “”your guide to the Tucson arts and entertainment scene.”” I have absolutely no idea how this article has to do with either arts or entertainment. As far as information goes, it’s near empty of any real information or useful facts. Many of the facts presented in the article are not only wrong, but many are left out. A person with half a brain could tell you the health benefits of coffee and tea over the physically devastating drink that is soda. It shouldn’t take half a page to tell people that the two authors of this article obviously prefer soda when playing video games than coffee and tea. It also shouldn’t take two people to write two paragraphs and do an elementary-school research job. Something tells me this half a page could have been dedicated to something entertaining, or something to do with the arts. Research better, write better, choose your story ideas better.

— Alex Baker

Creative writing junior

Comprehensive column crystallizes critique

Nicely, nicely written article (“”GOP’s vendetta against ‘Obamacare’ will fail”” column on Jan. 28 by Nyles Kendall). It doesn’t necessarily present any startlingly, new ideas, but comprehensively presents the pathetic Republican-Tea situation we find ourselves coping with. Thanks for your time in researching this nice crystallization of yours.

— Mike Black

UA parent

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