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Mailbag: Jan. 27

On ‘Wildcats end losing streak to ASU,’ Jan. 24

Coach Miller, it is bigger than one win. It is a monkey off the back of the program in two years, a passing of the guards in your first real test as coach; not only the rival but the first place team in the Pac AND on the road. This is more than just a win, it sends a message to the alumni to start to fill up McKale, true faith in your ability as a coach, because your coaching was really present last night.


What, no comments about the Zona Zoo contingent totally overshadowing an arena full of ASU fans? We are Zona Zoo and we make the difference!

Kevin W.

On ‘Guns a possibility for UA teachers,’ Jan. 25

To quote a former student of the UA (now at another school for the PhD): Nothing says “”stop whining about your grade”” like a Glock. People need to stop looking at TV shows and movies for an idea about how gun violence plays out.


I should have expected this kind of backwards and barbarian mentality when I came to the “”wild west.”” I am 100 percent against guns on campus. I feel less safe if I know someone next to me would have the chance to start shooting for whatever reason. At the university we teach and learn how to defend ourselves with our intellects. Here, we are supposed to obtain the tools (and mentality) to survive in the world, and to make the world a better place with less violence. If one (aside from the police, of course) has to pull out a gun on campus to defend any point of view or reason, this person should not be on campus in the first place.


On ‘The greater half,’ Jan. 26

Thanks for the terrific article about me and my family.

I love the question you ask at the end, “”What is my half?”” We don’t expect ANYONE to sell their house — that’s crazy. But we believe that each of us has more than enough of something in our lives — our time or our “”stuff.”” It might be the clothes in your closet or the hours of TV you watch each week or the number of diet Cokes you drink a day.

Figure out what you can use less of, then get together with others (it’s more fun in a community or family) anddecide where you want to donate those resources. It works!

Kevin Salwen

On ‘Haiti: Too late for US aid,’ Jan. 25

Why do so many people (including the author) have a “”blame America first”” attitude? The fact that Hait was a standing pile of rubble before the earthquake is not the fault of the U.S. Haiti is one of the most corrupt governments on the planet and has been for a long time, a lot longer than the years Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2 were presidents. If any country should be blamed for Haiti’s condition, it should be France. France has a long history of colonizing lands and leaving them in ruins, and Haiti is no exception; just visit any country that was a colony of France and you’ll see for yourself.


Under international law, regardless of what you say about rating the U.S. next to France regarding who takes the prize for destroying Haiti more out of the two (which is actually kind of a vulgar stance to take as any decent person goes), the U.S. still has to answer for its crimes and pay massive reparations for a modicum of justice to be delivered. Needless to say, it’s quite a hypocritical endeavor to point fingers at situations we can’t do anything about practically, while ignoring those dire miserable situations where we not only can do something about them, but also have a moral and legal responsibility as citizens to do so. And on the subject, France indeed has a long history of being a brutal colonial power, responsible for destroying communities and peoples all around the world, as they still do, in heavy arms sales and by their part in neoliberal economic policies that wreak havoc on Third World countries. We in the U.S. simply do all this on a much larger scale, being more powerful.


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