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Police Beat 2/18/21: No Masks, Natty Light and the New World Order

Courtesy UAPD

University of Arizona Police Department officers on the UA campus. 

Another week, another police beat! While we, of course, have at least one alcohol related incident, this week’s police beat features our very first anti-maskers, as well as someone who had some interesting information for our university’s president.   

It’s Been A Year. Wear Your Mask!

According to a police report, the University of Arizona Police Department was dispatched to the UA Recreation Center racquetball courts regarding a male and female refusing to wear their masks, then refusing to leave when asked to do so. 

The couple had been advised they had to wear their mask while inside the courts, according to the Rec Center’s guidelines, to which they refused. The female became agitated and “loud,” stating she tested negative for COVID-19 that day. They were asked to leave or be escorted by the police.  

When the couple was told the police were coming and they should just leave, the female replied, “No, I just don’t logically get what they can do.” 

The officer told the couple that the Rec Center has every right to enforce their policies and to refuse service at any time, including asking people to leave. 

The female stated regarding the employees, “If you want to call the police on us for not wearing a mask, go ahead.” 

The officer replied he was there because they would not leave, not because they weren’t wearing masks. They were escorted out. 

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

According to a police report, in the early morning hours of Feb. 6, a UAPD officer was conducting a routine patrol when he spotted a group of people huddled together in the area of Mountain Avenue and Second Street. He saw the individuals had a partially opened “30 rack” of Natural Light beer and decided to approach them. 

The group consisted of two males and a female, who the males said was not involved since they had only just met her. She was determined to be uninvolved and left.

Both the males stated they didn’t purchase or drink the beer, though the officer stated they exhibited many signs of intoxication. 

The officer asked if they were willing to answer his questions, to which they both replied, “Yes, sir.” One of the males said his friend at the Tau Kappa Epsilon house, who had purchased the beer and was over the age of 21, had asked them to bring it from the Hub to TKE, even though they both insisted there was no gathering occurring at TKE.

At one point, one of the males asked the officer if “we could hurry this up” because “he really had to sh*t.” Yeah. 

Both males were diverted for minor in possession in body and container and the 29 unopened beers were transported back to UAPD and poured out. 

Classified Information

According to a police report, on Feb. 4 UAPD was contacted about a questionable letter that was received at President Dr. Robert C. Robbins’ office in Old Main. The letter stated it was from a man who had key information about understanding the COVID-19 outbreak and how it was orchestrated by the New World Order. 

The letter ended by stating the man was going to visit Robbins in person on Feb. 11 to discuss in further detail, which was what was concerning to Robbins’ secretary. The letter also contained a flash drive.

The UAPD officer reviewed the flash drive the next day and found that it contained two PDF files with over 750 pages of information that basically reiterated that the New World Order is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. He included examples justifying his point that were not specified, but he feels the information is extremely important for Robbins to know. 

Robbins’ office said they were not concerned for the safety of anyone and the case is considered closed. 

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