Band’s wishlist revised

Shain Bergan

While the demands are as numerous as Jay-Z’s, Third Eye Blind’s concert-day requests do come with a courteous overtone.


“”If certain items seem unreasonable to you, please realize that we don’t ask for what we don’t need,”” the four-man band said in their contract with the university. “”We hope to put on a kick A#$ show! Here’s to having breakfast ready and the phones in place first thing in the morning!””


As Third Eye Blind heads into concert day on full stomachs from their fully-catered breakfast, they will do so knowing they have pocketed $85,000 for a night of playing alongside fellow artists Jay-Z, Kelly Clarkson and The Veronicas at Arizona Stadium on April 29, according to Third Eye Blind’s contract obtained by the Daily Wildcat from a public records request.


Food service


Although requested, the musical group will not receive a hot breakfast. Items including two dozen eggs, French toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage, a container of cream cheese, cereal and oatmeal were all flat-out denied by the university. The UA also crossed out requests for pans, a hot plate and cooking utensils.


Instead, the artists will have to make do with muffins, donuts, bagels and “”non-fat butter spread.””


Throughout the day, the following items will be available to the band via all-day snack service: fresh fruit, four kinds of milk, three kinds of juices, Gatorade, Snapple, Tabasco sauce, ketchup and mustard. The UA was unwilling to grant requests for a blender, toaster or toaster oven. Also denied was a request for non-bottled water.


Dressing room requests


Per university addendum, all requests for alcoholic beverages were denied. While Jay-Z wanted Sapporo beer and Belvedere vodka, Third Eye Blind asked for two six-packs of whatever local beer the university sees fit, three six-packs of Miller Lite and a bottle of Grey Goose vodka.


The university was also unwilling to let the artists make off with two large empty boxes “”for the hotel.””


Accepted items included six cans of Red Bull, a half gallon of orange juice, milk, coffee, tea and “”one imported semi-sweet DARK CHOCOLATE BAR 70 percent cacao.””


Non-food items that will be waiting for the band in their dressing room include a bottle of


Excedrin, four travel toothbrushes “”that FOLD into themselves,”” four tubes of toothpaste, a package of baby wipes and a lint roller.


Reflecting Third Eye Blind’s environmental consciousness, the group stipulated in their contract that no Styrofoam or plastic utensils should be used. The contract also makes a special note to “”please RECYCLE AND COMPOST,”” after which the university wrote in, “”to the best of PURCHASER’S ability.””


Riders for Kelly Clarkson and The Veronicas will most likely be finalized by Tuesday or Wednesday, said Lisa Wakefield, senior program coordinator for University Communications.