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    Q&A; with Eben Britton

    Editor’s Note: Fresh off of being drafted 39th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft, former UA offensive tackle Eben Britton spoke with the Arizona Daily Wildcat’s Tim Kosch about playing in the NFL, being in Madden 2010 and being a millionaire.

    Daily Wildcat: So you’re a few days removed from the draft, has it hit you yet?

    Eben Britton: Yeah, definitely. It’s really exciting man. It’s been my dream for a long time, so it’s crazy to finally hear that.

    What’s the one thing from draft weekend that you’ll always remember most?

    Having all of the most important people in my life all together in one spot.

    What’s the thing you’re most looking forward to about playing in the NFL?

    I think competing against the best players in the world. Basically, you’re going against some of the top athletes on the planet and that’s pretty awesome to say, “”I get to go against those guys.””

    What number are you going to wear?

    I don’t know. If they have a 77 that’ll be cool, but I really have no clue what they’ll give me.

    What’s the first thing you’ll buy when you sign your contract?

    Probably figure out where I’m going to live and then after that I really don’t know.

    Is it weird to think that you’ll be going from a college kid to a
    millionaire in a matter of days?

    It’s crazy – insane just to think about. I just can’t even really fathom it. Maybe when I get the first check I’ll understand it more, but I mean, I still only have 40 bucks in my bank account right now.

    Have you spoken with any current Jaguars?

    No, but I’ve gotten a chance to speak with (fellow rookie offensive lineman) Eugene Monroe. We’re really excited to be playing together, make each other better and hopefully anchor the offensive line for years to come.

    What players on the Jaguars are you looking forward to meeting?

    Probably defensive tackle John Henderson. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he’s like as a guy because he’s pretty nasty on the field. Going against him in practice will be fun and make me a lot better. Also, I’m pretty excited to meet Maurice Jones-Drew.

    You’ve come under some fire recently about your comments to the Orlando Sentinel about slipping to the second round in the draft.

    Yeah, I know. I don’t regret what I said. I could’ve handled it better, but I was pissed off. I’m a fiery guy to begin with. I love the competition. I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder and that just added to it. I said what I said, but I’m just looking forward to playing football now.

    EA Sports released the rookie ratings for the Madden video game the other day and they have you ranked as the best right-tackle as a 78 overall.

    That’s pretty cool. I don’t really play video games because I’m awful, but that is awesome.

    And they have you and Seattle Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry as the most intelligent rookies with a rating of 70. What do you think those draft “”experts”” who you called out the other day would be?

    (Laughs) I don’t know, 68?

    What will you miss most about the UA?

    Being with my guys. The boys here are the one thing that I know I’m going to miss. I’ve been training here for the last few months, but the camaraderie and being around your favorite guys – that’ll be missed.

    Who would win in a fight, Arizona head coach Mike Stoops or Jacksonville head coach Jack Del Rio?

    I haven’t met coach Del Rio yet, but it’d be a brawl for the ages.

    Who’s going to be better this year: you or Mike Thomas?

    Geez, probably Mike statistically because you can see what he does, but I’m hoping we both have tremendous years.

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