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    “On the spot: Jacklyn DellaTorri, Musical theatre sophomore”

    A musical theatre major? What roles have you played so far since you have been at the University of Arizona?

    Well, I was a random girl in “”The Music Man,”” and I was a workin’ girl in “”The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”” and now I am Mabel in “”Violet.””

    Ah, I saw “”Whorehouse.”” So in workin’ girl you mean, you were …

    (Laughs.) Yeah, basically.

    OK, so you probably get this a lot, but what is your dream role? What do you hope to do after school?

    I want to move to New York and be on Broadway.

    Any Broadway show in particular that you would like to see yourself in?

    I mean, my favorite show is probably “”Into the Woods.”” And that is really cool because we are doing that here next year.

    Really? What role are you hoping for?

    Oh, wow! I can’t say this!

    Sure you can!

    No. No. No. (Laughs.) This is going to be in the newspaper!   

    (Laughs.) OK, so this is a no comment?

    This is definitely a no comment. I am going to use this as my one “”get out of jail free card!””

    OK, I’ll give you that. Switching topics: As a musical theatre major, what is your favorite class?

    Probably music theatre class.

    Whoa, (laughs) original title. I’m just joking. What do you do in that class?

    We sing our songs for our professor, and she helps us work on the acting in the songs.

    What do you think is your strong suit — dancing, singing, acting?

    Definitely singing.

    Would you consider yourself a triple threat?

    Um, yeah!

    OK, so I can expect to see you dancing, singing and acting on Broadway in the near future?


    Dallas Williamson

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