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Cat Tracks: Feb. 17

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Protest sensation that’s sweeping the nation(s): In the aftermath of Egypt’s successful effort to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak, other nations in the region, including Bahrain, Iran, Libya and Yemen, have begun staging their own protests against their rulers. Of course, since none of those countries are the location of the latest James Bond film or cast members on the Jersey Shore, you probably stopped caring a long time ago.

Tex-sting operation: A man who recently pleaded guilty to strangling his girlfriend was apprehended in part because of text messages he sent pretending to be his girlfriend. The man’s use of text shorthand clued police that he may have been the one to send the texts. This is certainly no LOL-ing matter, but srsly dude? You didn’t think 2 change the way u txt immediately after committing murder? Smh.

Trending Down

The March, 2003, of War: An Iraqi defector who supported the Bush administration’s claims that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction recently came out and gave a carefully worded “”just kidding.”” And if thousands of dead U.S. soldiers, countless dead Iraqis, the complete decimation of an entire nation and crippling debt isn’t funny, then I don’t know what is.

iLegal: An audit by the Apple Corporation found violations in their Asian facilities, namely facilities that charged their employees hiring fees so steep that they basically functioned as slaves,  used child labor, falsified employment records, and unsafe working conditions cause by toxic chemicals. Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the report had been “”written wrong,”” that anyone who was injured was “”working wrong,”” and that any child laborers had “”aged wrong.””


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