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    Police Beat: Jan. 13

    Man fights tree, gets spit sack   

    The University of Arizona Police Department was called Jan. 9 in response to a shoeless man sitting beneath a blue light emergency phone with an empty can of beer next to him.

    The man had been previously warned about trespassing on UA property. After breaking a tree branch while being escorted off campus, he was arrested.

    While being placed in the handcuffs and having his belongings searched, he continually yelled “”Hezbollah”” as loud as possible, said he hoped for one of the arresting officers “”to be shot in the head,”” and kicked the inside door of the patrol car.

    The man was put into restraints after banging his head against the plastic barrier in the car repeatedly and also had a spit sock placed over his head.

    Once the head-banging became more intense, causing the TomTom navigation system to break, another unit was asked to help transport the man.

    After being taken from the vehicle and placed on his stomach, he attempted to wiggle himself under the patrol car and wrap his legs around the tire, only to be dragged out from underneath by three officers.

    The arresting officer reported that the man made comments such as, “”If you book me into Pima County Jail, I will kill myself tonight,”” and also pleaded for unknown persons to be killed and that he himself was “”clean and pure.””

    Once at Pima County Jail, it took five officers and a restraint chair for the man to be detained.


    Feeling lucky?

    A student called UAPD to the Manuel T. Pacheco Integrated Learning Center Jan. 8, after he claimed he was victimized by a woman while using the computers.

    He reported that after he asked for help logging into Google, the woman got mad, verbally attacked the man and hit him on the side of the head.

    The man then left his desk to go get Google help from one of the library clerks, and when he returned to his desk, he moved his chair away from the woman.

    The woman once again became angry and claimed that she knew him and would be watching him.

    He claimed not to know the woman. After he asked for help once more, she hit him in the same spot.

    The victim was not hurt and refused medical help. The officer reported that his story was inconsistent and there were no witnesses to the attack.

    Now that’s what I call ‘TMI’

    UAPD arrived at the ILC Jan. 5 after a student using the library reported seeing a man masturbating to a pornography Web site.

    The man said he was in the library to check his e-mail and while on the computer he was playing video games and chatting with his girlfriend.

    He reported opening an e-mail from a pornographic website and then copying the link for the Web site into Google.

    While viewing the site for about 30 minutes the man said he was touching his privates but was not masturbating or exposing himself at any point.

    After his Tijuana Identification Card returned no results, the man revealed he was in the country illegally. He was then placed into Border Patrol custody and issued a one-year exclusionary order for the sexual nature of his activities.

    More men attack trees

    A woman called UAPD Jan. 5 after she reported seeing three men shooting a .22 caliber handgun into a grove of trees on UA property.

    She said the shots were being fired toward a nearby apartment complex and park, but not toward a specific object.

    After firing off two rounds, the woman said, the men took off.

    The reporting officer saw three men running toward the complex but was unable to find the men once inside.

    The men have never been seen in the area before.

    UA pickup swiped, fire trucks struck

    A UA property manager called UAPD Jan. 4 after noticing that two UA fire trucks had been damaged.

    A light pole had been removed from its normal spot and the brackets holding the pole and truck together had been broken.

    A cover used to protect a generator and the buttons attaching the cover were also damaged. The only other evidence left on the truck was a footprint on the front seat of the fire truck.

    The manager also reported a white UA Nissan pickup truck missing from the same lot.

    The camera recording the lot that day had been erased already and officials are attempting to recover the data.

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