2021 Arizona football pro day results and highlights


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Wildcat Gary Brightwell (23) runs down the field giving Arizona a first down during the second half of the Arizona-Oregon State University game on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019, in Tucson. Arizona lost to Oregon State 56-38.

Ryan Wohl

On Wednesday, March 17, five former Arizona Wildcats stepped foot on the field at Arizona Stadium to participate in their official pro day before the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft on April 29.

Since there was no pro day or NFL combine last season, Cedric Peterson and Tristan Cooper, who graduated in 2019, returned to compete and show scouts that they still have what it takes to make it to the next level.

Here are the results from Arizona’s pro day and highlights from the virtual press conference following the event.

Editor’s note: 40-yard dash times are not listed as they have not been made official times yet. We will update the story as more information is released.

DL | Roy Lopez

  • Standing vertical leap: 31 inches
  • Broad jump: 8’9”
  • Bench press: 36 reps

Before transferring to the University of Arizona, Roy Lopez played four seasons at New Mexico State but wanted to prove himself for one more season in the Pac-12. Lopez played in all five games for the Wildcats in this past short season but showed signs of greatness throughout the season. He finished with 18 total tackles and one sack on the year.

Lopez on his overall performance from the pro day workouts: “I think I had a good day. I feel quick and explosive and I’m happy with my results. Today was a day of celebration, I was happy to get here and to perform. It was a long time coming, it was very fun.”

Lopez on if he has scheduled interviews or workouts with any NFL teams to this point: “I have a few interviews with a few teams. Workout wise, we will find out in a little bit.”

Lopez on his time at Arizona and how his offseason has been: “It was a great time, and I have created relationships that I have to this day. … I have lost 7% body fat since the end of the season. That way when I go out there, I am ready to play to the best of my ability.”



DB | Lorenzo Burns

  • Standing vertical leap: 33.5 inches
  • Broad jump: 10’3”
  • Bench press: 14 reps

Burns finished his fourth and final season in Tucson a few months ago but still has dreams to take his talents to the next level in the coming months. In the last full season back in 2019, Burns was named as a Pac-12 all-conference honorable mention and was named as the team defensive MVP of the year.

Burns on how he felt his pro day performance went: “I think I had a good day, it felt like I was at home today or at the park. I wasn’t nervous, this is something we have been doing for a while.”

Burns on his final time inside Arizona Stadium: “It finally hit me that I’m done here when I walked into the stadium. My mentality changed to start preparing for more of a professional standpoint, carrying myself like a professional because that is what is going to carry you a long way in the league.”

Burns on what he feels he can bring to an NFL team: “I think the best thing I offer to an NFL team is my ability to present myself anywhere for the team. I don’t have an ego, I’m willing to do whatever for the team. I’m physical, I’ll work hard and grind every day.”



RB | Gary Brightwell

  • Standing vertical leap: 34.5 inches
  • Broad jump: 9’10”
  • Bench press: 17 reps

Brightwell played four seasons at Arizona and finished his career as a Wildcat with 1,305 yards and nine touchdowns. He matched his total yards in 2019 this season in a little under half the games played from a year ago. The Wildcats also had J.J. Taylor, who was a dynamic running back, making it hard for Brightwell to get a ton of work in the backfield.

Brightwell on how he thought his 40-yard dash time went and what he has been working on in the offseason: “I felt like I ran a 4.3, 40-yard dash today. … I’ve been focusing on things that I think that I struggle with like pass blocking.”

Brightwell on if his pro day results transfer to his in-game skills: “I’m an in-game player when it comes to the drills. It’s nice to have them, but I’m a football player.”

Brightwell on what he will spend with the money from his first NFL contract: “I’m big on investing; I am going to invest in a mentor program with the YMCA in Chester, Pennsylvania.”

Brightwell on what he can bring to an NFL team: “I think I’m going to bring a great teammate, someone who any of my teammates can come to talk about anything with, and I am one of the humblest guys.”



WR | Cedric Peterson

  • Standing vertical leap: 29 inches
  • Broad jump: 9’9”
  • Bench press: 15 reps

Note: Peterson was not available for the post-event virtual press conference.

S | Tristan Cooper

  • Standing vertical leap: 33 inches
  • Broad jump: 10’1”
  • Bench Press: 15 reps

Note: Cooper was not available for the post-event virtual press conference.

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